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Happy May, everyone! I hope your flowers are in bloom and spirits rising! We have much to be excited about in Colorado, as new laws enacted by our legislature will allow all residents to buy an ounce of weed starting January 1st, 2014. Out-of-staters and even international mile high state visitors will be able to buy a quarter ounce of cannabis at a time.  There is much to be hopeful about, but much to be upset about as well.

First, I need to mention my announcement of a “dead” and “killed” THC DUI bill last newsletter proved to be too soon. In one more case of government and corporate authorities doing what they want despite strong public objection, the THC DUI bill is now on Governor Hickenloopers desk and when he signs it many cannabis users will be criminals again. Ridiculous! The bill was defeated in committees four times, but they passed it anyway by slipping it in at the last second. Other last second regulations passed before the legislature went to summer vacation include the following: High Times magazine is now considered “porn” and must be kept behind counters with the pornography (High Times is vowing to sue), Cannabis “Collectives” of patients gathering together to help themselves has been banned, and so has using sunshine to grow your cannabis. It is immoral to ban using sunshine, and so against God and nature that I can’t even begin to rant about it, but let me tell you they also banned smoking in bars or clubs, and A64 club – of which I’m a member – has cancelled all upcoming events until the laws are sorted through by the army of cannabis attorneys living the high life in our state. There is also a 9 month moratorium on any new recreational cannabis businesses opening, giving medical shops a head start on monopolizing the market.

Overall, other than the banning of growing cannabis using sunshine, and the banning of cooperatives, clubs, and collectives, I am most upset the THC DUI bill passed with the rights for cops to demand blood tests from suspected pot smokers. I’m still extremely happy our state has cannabis recreational use laws on the books, and am proud of the history we make. I will continue to watch it closely and report to you as best I can how things are going. One thing that didn’t change: you can still grow 6 big pot plants in your house and carry an ounce of weed on you at all times as you go about your day – and that is a beautiful thing! :-)

Do you know the biblical story of the three wise men? They travel a great distance, guided by a star, to give the newborn baby messiah three gifts; gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Regardless of your religious affiliation or non-affiliation, it’s an interesting story. No one seems to question what the point of the three gifts was, but please allow me to enlighten you with knowledge straight from the Knights of the Templar…whatever the hell that means….:-)

Gold was used as currency, thus the first gift makes sense – a small amount of money to assist the parents with the costs of caring for the child. But what about the other two? According to ancient recipes taken from the days when Cannabis was “Kaneh Bosm” in Hebrew, the two ingredients, combined with cannabis oil, make the biblical version of “the cure”, the “phoenix tears”, the “Vitamin Cannabis.” The three wise men were bringing ingredients to make holy cannabis anointing oil, which could also be used for curing someone. Remember that this Christmas…and keep the Cannabis in Christmas!

And finally, a story was spoken to me about the origin of the term “phoenix tears.” I can’t verify its truth – but oral history is important, and I’ll convey the message regardless. The story goes the North American Indians, when hunting and traveling, burned giant fires at the center of camp and kept these fires burning for months. When it was time to move, and the fires were finally put out, the natives discovered the sand of the earth underneath the embers, had turned to glass. These clear pieces of crystal were called “Phoenix Tears” and said to have mystical, spiritual properties. They were savored as devices of divinity, garnering protection and positive energy. The glass “Phoenix Tears” had much value, and was sacred to certain tribes.

In looking at our “Phoenix Tears” cannabis oil, and though Rick Simpson named it (as told in his fantastic book) after the Harry Potter reference, I can’t help but feel that our Tears are as cherished, and as valued, as the Tears of the fires that burned on our continent long before our presence here. And if there are any spirits left dwelling in the nature of the planet, surely they hover over those focused and persistent in bringing nature in tune with humanity again. To all the hemp growers and oil makers out there: this bowl is to you – and to the Phoenix Tears name we all honor.

Good thoughts and good will to all!

More people smoked Cannabis at 4:20 on 4/20 in Denver than have ever smoked Cannabis together before. We raised a historic cloud of pot smoke above our city, and 80,000 people gathered peacefully to celebrate Cannabis. It was a historic moment, and I bring you our camera’s take on “the Moment” at 4:20 PM- followed by my speech that took place at 3:45 PM. I made this video to show that we did have an awesome day. And although the headlines will read about the shooting that left 3 people hurt, it was really a wonderful display of Cannabis affection, prior to around 4:45. Please watch it for an amazing view of what Cannabis legality could look like everywhere :-):  420 Rally Denver 4:20 PM FROM THE STAGE Vitamin Cannabis Films

The following day I attended the sold out 1st Annual American High Times Cannabis Cup, and it was EPIC!! Though it was so packed it was tough to move (16,000 tickets sold) I had a great time and visited every corner of the event. I enjoyed Cannabis infused Chocolate and Strawberry Fondue dripping from fountains. Medicated Pulled Pork sandwiches gave me the energy to keep walking and a buzz! All kinds of pipe sellers, pot products, butter extractors, apple bong making kits, and, of course, the best marijuana in America. Throw in some of the best cannabis concentrates in the world, and I can see why I talked to people from Amsterdam, New Zealand, New York, Chicago, California, and Oklahoma – and they were all blown away!! It was truly an experience, and next year we are hearing it will be at a larger venue – and I should say get your tickets as soon as they become available – it is a Cannabis friendly event like no other pot friendly event on the planet.

Epic times at the Cannabis Cup Denver 2013. :-)

On the Thursday night prior to 4/20, I attended the advance screening of Kevin Booth of Sacred Cow Films’ movie premier of American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny (Free the Cure!). It was an amazing film that all people involved in the Cannabis oil (Phoenix Tears) movement need to see. It has both Rick Simpson and Cash Hyde and his family in it, and tells an incredible, though sometimes sad, story about the true effects of Cannabis prohibition. Mr. Booth forges a brave trail through the trees of this growing movement with compassion, sensibility, and logic. I felt this was a movie I could show almost anyone to change their opinion on the Cannabis oil, and whether children should be given it. You can actually get the movie hosted in your city so check out this website

Regardless of how you do it, find a way to see this movie – you won’t be disappointed.

In Colorado news, the Cannabis THC DUI Bill in the Colorado legislature that would make all Cannabis users criminals if they drove, and subject them to police “blood draws” to prove they had more than 5 nanograms of THC per ML of blood, HAS BEEN TOTALLY KILLED IN COMMITTEE!! Great job and congratulations to the lobbying team that accomplished this, some unpaid – I should add. Please let everyone know this is not a free pass to smoke while driving, though, as without a new law, the old “Zero tolerance” policy is still in place. Still, that’s better than an automatic THC DUI when you are not even feeling buzzed at all at 5 nanograms. That’s six times the bill has been killed now, because it’s a stupid law in the first place to make criminals out of people who are doing just fine. We also learned Colorado voters may get to decide the amount of tax on recreational marijuana, and a Boulder-ite former NASA engineer designed an all-inclusive lockable “Colorado Grow Box” that looks really cool to make growing easier and is A64 compliant.

In “Curing” news: Corri Yelland, a woman who had stage 4 Colon Cancer, is now speaking out that she cured herself using Rick Simpson’s oil. Thanks to Rick and Christian, another life was saved. Viva la Oil! We also learned that “Sativex”, which is basically our Vitamin Cannabis oil in inhaler form put out by a British pharmaceutical company, was rescheduled by the U.K.’s Ministry of Health because it “has a low potential for abuse”. Between Marinol, Sativex, or just plain ol’ Cannabis, I’ll take God’s natural green herb any day. :-)

Overall, the 4/20 weekend in Denver was a trail blazing success!! I need a day or two more to recover :-) :-) :-)  I saw in a U.K. news outlet the headline “80,000 smoke cannabis in Denver 4/20″ and would like more people to see headlines like that, instead of ones about the shooting. Early word is the shooting was gang related and had nothing to do with the rally or cannabis. We’re still sad the violence dampened what would have been a perfect weekend, but please view the video and help me spread the positive message about what really went down in Denver on 4-20-2013, a Historical Gathering for the proponents of the most wonderful plant in the world: Cannabis! Amen~

Viva la evolucion! Hope to see you all again soon,


Capn Cannabis


Hello everyone! I hope your February is going well! We are blessed with snow here in Denver, which brings a calming cold to all events. It’s still been lively, though, and here are the “high”lights. :-)

A Denver “Head” Shop, which is a pipe seller/bong seller, but is also a place where you still cannot say the word “bong,” has started a promotion where any Colorado resident 21 years of age and up can purchase $30 worth of pipes from the head shop, and receive 2 grams of Cannabis, as a “gift” from the shop. For how long prohibitionists have been shoving stupid stuff down our throats, I’m glad to see all these “problems” arising for them. The front page of the Denver post reported about this head shop and its “free gifts” and craigslist ads specifically NOT selling pot, but accepting donations or selling you another product and then “gifting” you the weed. I love it, and what’s wrong with it? I can go to wine tasting or booze tasting events at liquor stores, and I have also been the recipient of countless free drinks “gifted” to me by liquor promoters at bars. I don’t see any harm with getting two grams of cannabis to go into the pipes you just bought, in fact, I think it’s pretty awesome. And it’s front page news in Denver, as people who say “I think the voters didn’t meant for this” realize the intelligent citizens of Colorado specifically did vote for this, now go get your two pipes and free gift. :-)

Speaking of people who think the voters of Colorado are idiots, one Dr. Thurstone, an anti-pot zealot, thinks Colorado citizens “didn’t know what they were voting for.” He disagrees with pot’s legality and wrote an op-ed piece for our newspaper, which I read online. It was disgusting how much disdain he has for pot and pot users, but he auto linked into his hate filled essay an announcement for the 1st American Cannabis Cup that will be taking place in Denver. I clicked on it and was taken to a page to buy tickets to the cup, which I promptly did! I have been the past two years, but this year they will have an area that anyone 21+ can smoke in, a change from the “red card tent” of the past two years, and I’m expecting the best event ever!!  I will still be attending Denver’s Ken Gorman memorial 420 Marijuana Legalization rally in Civic Center Park on 4-20 (Sat.), but I’ll be at the High Times Cup on Sunday 4-21 if anyone wants to smoke a bowl with me. :-)

In other Colorado pot news- the legislature delayed the THC DUI hearing, but we are all still seeing they will set the limit at 5 nanograms per ml of blood, but hopefully they will allow people to defend themselves in a jury trial instead of presumptive guilt. That’s the best option we can hope for at this point. I’m not happy about it- but sometimes we need to compromise. There is a point where inexperienced drivers/cannabis users could reach a level of highness where they should not drive. It takes a while to get to and many, many people could be at the same level and be fine, but a law on the books isn’t going to affect most people unless they are obviously intoxicated or dickish to the cops when pulled over. Bottom line is this- make sure you could pass a roadside sobriety test in front of a police cruisers dash cam if you are driving after smoking, and even if the cop THC/DUI’s you, you could hire a lawyer, go in front of a jury, and get it thrown out.

Unless of course, you are in Greenwood Village- in which case don’t even have pot on you while driving in that town. GV’s idiotic city council passed an ordinance, regardless of the state constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana, that ALL CANNABIS is illegal on Greenwood Village city streets and sidewalks. This city is full of rich pricks and their cops are known assholes, so I’m not surprised by the move- but c’mon Greenwood. So I can legally buy cannabis in Denver and take it legally on a road trip to my friends in Castle Rock, but as I pass through your little town, I’m suddenly illegal. Yeah right! A big “Shame on you” to GV for banning the cancer cure on their streets and sidewalks- and a word of advice to all cannabis consumers- stay out of GV and avoid the concert venue in that city- we have heard many reports of undercover cops busting ordinary joint smokers at concerts where joint smoking would be expected.

More CO legislating marijuana news – they also discussed limiting pot edibles to 10 mg doses (I hope not as it would mean my C class pills could not be sold) and banning tourists from purchasing pot (I also hope this does not pass, this is just unfair- Cannabis tourism would be awesome and way better than the liquor tourism we currently have.) The legislature also determined that if a law enforcement official encounters your grow and you have more than the legally allowed 6 plants- they are authorized to kill on the spot the 7th plant. The Cheesecake lady at least got them to declare it to be the “smallest, least mature plant” that is set for death. They also set it up so if you have a grow and they think it’s illegal and they bust you, then it turns out it wasn’t illegal, they don’t have to pay you for your pot and they will destroy it. Again, wasted time destroying a medicine that could really help people. All in the name of prohibition. Crazy times- but at least we are at this step- many states and places still have zero tolerance- and in Colorado we are talking about how much cannabis is okay.

Also in Colorado, a news report goes out stating that people are buying weed for $2500 a pound (or less) in Colorado (BTW- it’s not great stuff it’s just good- the great stuff is still $3k to $4k a lb) and selling it in Wyoming for $5,000 a pound. This news reporter got bad information. Perhaps one sale occurred like that, but the dude in WY got ripped off. People who know nothing about Cannabis or growing see that report and think pot growers are all Escalade driving drug dealing gang bangers, and it’s just not true. Most of the growers I know just make enough to keep living, keep paying rent  & power, and keep growing, because that’s what they love to do. Most do not make tens of thousands of dollars in profit, they make a few grand spread out over the course of growing cycles. And with nutrient costs, power costs, and all the other costs that go with it, often times they just break even or make a little bit more if they had a good harvest.  I’d like to see more small time mom and pop grows done right- they produce the best pot the most organically, and we all need that in the end.

Speaking of the end, and more specifically NDE’s (Near Death Experiences)- I have been reading a book called “Proof of Heaven” about a neurosurgeon who was in a coma, literally brain dead, for 7 days, then woke up and is fine now. He did not believe in god, and having been a neurosurgeon he had experienced other patients dying who had NDE’s and “saw god” and what happens after you die. He had always written these experiences off as “just the brain softening the blow of death with fantasies” until he had his own NDE. Dr. Eben Alexander’s book is amazing, but the part I found most fascinating was the description of the initial place he went to first in the coma- a place where colored earthworm type creatures burrowed below him, and angels with wings hovered above him singing. This NDE experience, along with seeing a light at the end of a tunnel and lost family members, is common, except for the earthworm part. I found this amazing as the colored earthworms are exactly what patient Z described to me during his THC “trip”, where he was hallucinating on cannabis oil, or so we thought…Perhaps patient Z was seeing the first stage of the afterlife- as Eben Alexander did, and describes in his book. Perhaps there are angels watching over all of us…

My condolences to the man in Vancouver, Island Canada, who won an all-expenses paid trip to the super bowl in New Orleans from Bud light Canada. When he went to go to the super bowl, he was denied entry into the United States because of a 2 gram cannabis bust from 32 years ago in 1980. Damn. That sucks. Is it ironic the contest was from an alcohol maker? I never can tell-

Positive thoughts and energy to everyone who read this far- viva la evolucion- viva la oil!

Kyle Marsh/ Capn Cannabis

P.S. We have good info for skin cancer batches to not heat the oil- just use the mix before heating it and the paper towel method can be effective, especially if you leave in more alcohol. And for those of you with CBD strains you can find out which cancers to use CBD oil on by googling “CBD” and the specific cancer you are trying to treat. It’s all theory and limited practice- but it’s something to go off of. I’m here for you all- feel free to ask anything. Best of luck!~

Happy New Year everyone!

May 2013 be the best year yet- and find you and your loved ones healthy, happy, and moving forward! I know 2012 was a trying year- but in Colorado, at least, 2013 promises to be the best one ever for Cannabis advocates and users. I’m going to start with the most entertaining news- which comes from our state’s attempt to implement constitutional amendment 64-which will “legalize” recreational use of Cannabis in our state. The “High” lights:

  1. For a moment, the State of Colorado considered running the recreational marijuana stores themselves, as a government entity! It happened the same week it was announced Colorado’s medical marijuana industry generated $200 million dollars in revenue, and $5.3 million in taxes went to the state. That’s not including the benefit of the Billion dollars that was spent making that $200 million, which includes stuff like buying nutrients from a grow store and paying sales tax on that purchase. Colorado is preparing to have a multi-billion dollar industry with both Hemp and Cannabis “legalized” in our state. The motion to have the state government run the pot shops was dismissed because it would put state employees at risk for federal prosecution. Good thing too, because if the Department of Motor Vehicles is an indication of how the state would run the pot shops, we are all better off in the hands of the ganjapreneurs.
  2. A regulatory committee member attempted to make it “child abuse” to simply smoke a joint in front of your kids, like, say you would drink a beer at a barbecue. Luckily he was overruled and it will be up to an officer’s discretion to decide if you were endangering your kid by smoking pot in front of them. I’d like to add, it’s not illegal to smoke a cigarette in your car with your kids buckled into car seats and the windows rolled up. It’s frowned upon, but not illegal. But eat a pot brownie in front of your kid and the wrong officer could wind up arresting you. Still, I think most officers will not be taking kids from families for simple pot smoke. We still have a meth and prescription pill problem in this state, and most cops know if a parent is using weed it’s not as big of a problem as if the parent was doing some other drug, and that includes alcohol.
  3. The state is talking about “Vampire Mobiles” to take blood from patients suspected of THC DUI. See, the Supreme Court recently ruled that only “medical professionals” can draw blood, which nixes the states plan to have cops stick you with a needle if they think you smoked a doobie then drove. Now the cop will have to call in a “Vamp Mobile”, which is basically an ambulance with a paramedic/cop/”medical professional” inside that can legally draw your blood. These Vampires will be on call 24/7 in case an officer needs to draw blood. Sounds expensive, and ridiculous. Therefore, though it may not end up being the final solution, I am in favor of leaving it up to a roadside sobriety test that is filmed by the police cruisers dash cam. In court, in front of a jury of your pot smoking peers, you can use the evidence on the video to show you were not impaired if the cop DUI’s you anyway even if you pass the tests. If they set a nanograms of THC per ml of blood limit and allow these vampire mobiles, people, who are perfectly good to drive and can pass roadside sobriety tests, will be arrested. I like things the way they are where it’s really is up to your good judgement just like it with alcohol.
  4. Two members of the regulatory panels have come with Paris Hilton style small dogs in purses. I didn’t realize marijuana was being regulated to death by Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games, but that’s what is happening. Some of the people on the panels also make Toxic Butane Hash Oil, and are in charge of setting the regulations for themselves. Wolves guarding the sheep; and the patients are the sheep. To all Colorado medical marijuana patients, beware of Butane and CO2 Oil – it could be toxic – make sure no black smoke is present and it doesn’t crackle and flame up. You don’t want to smoke it if it does.

Credit and thanks for a lot of this information go to Jessica Leroux of Twirling Hippy Confections (a Colorado Medibles company) and her weekly newsletter. I highly recommend her weekly letter for people wanting a great first person account of what is happening in Colorado’s medical, and now soon to be recreational, marijuana communities. Also her products are fantastic and the only cannabis edibles I choose. Check her out at and shoot her an e-mail to get on her mailing list.

Special thanks also to “Farmer John” in California for his “Blotter Method” for skin care applications of the oil. Simply leave in a little more everclear (or add it back into) in your cannabis oil, and dropper it into a paper towel on a plate. The oil and everclear will absorb briefly onto the paper towel, and you can apply it to your skin like a baby wipe. This allows for a better application of the oil/everclear mix to go after skin afflictions. Hope this info helps and thanks John!

It’s been wonderful meeting everyone through this project and I am thankful for all of you who have contributed thoughts, ideas, or input. Please keep it coming! This month I am hard at work on a special project involving the “Vitamin Cannabis” pills, and if I succeed I will finally be able to tell you where to go to get medicine made by me, legally in a safe environment, and with all taxes paid. That will be a proud moment I hope it happens this year. I’ll keep you posted. :-)

Thanks so much for reading this and check out our video “How to Make the Cure Vitamin Cannabis Encore” available now on YouTube if you haven’t already.

Viva la evolucion!
– Capn Cannabis