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We have lab test results! Great results that are now posted on the site: 84% and 80% Cannabinoid content respectively, from two different methods. I go into detail on the test results in a new video – “Vitamin Cannabis News #1″ which you can view at the end of this article – and feature some updates on the “Realm of Caring” Foundation of the Stanley Family and Dr. Alan Shackleford, who are featured in “Dr. FeelGood” Sanjay Gupta’s CNN Documentary “Weed.” The documentary, which has aired twice already, features a young girl with a rare form of epilepsy who is almost cured of seizures by Joel Stanley’s CBD heavy Cannabis oil. Dr. Gupta also interviews a cancer patient in Israel who is smoking cannabis through a vaporizer, under doctors’ orders, to keep the cancer he had from coming back. Another Colorado patient we know Chaz Moore was also featured and his seizure reductions using cannabis medicines. Overall, it was the first time the marijuana as a disease cure and prevention story was featured on national news in a mostly positive light. Perhaps the tide is turning, and reclassification may be on the way at the federal level very soon – which would be awesome :-)

In other news, researchers at the University of Saskatchewan have discovered cannabis’s unique ability to produce cannabinoids; a “pathway” which no other plant uses to convert molecules and transform them to something useful. Check out the article here if you’d like to know more.

The federal government in the U.S. Also funded another study by a California University to find something bad about pot, and they only found that it does indeed have medicinal benefits, which is quite contrary to the current federal stance surrounding hemp/marijuana. It seems the “anecdotal” evidence is mounting and there are now calls in medical journals for more research to be done immediately using cannabis medicine as the primary treatment in all sorts of areas related to the endocannabinoid system. Exciting stuff for sure.

In Canada, a study also found that children raised in Cannabis “Growhouses” – often thought to be “at risk” – are actually slightly more likely to be just fine that kids in houses that don’t grow pot. No surprise there; it takes intelligence and heart to grow good cannabis, and good kids.

Vermont farmers will be allowed to grow hemp, and the number of states with medical cannabis bills and hemp bills and outright legality bills coming this year is growing every week. The “tipping point” of 25 states with some form of legal cannabis will be reached soon and then the feds will most likely be forced to act. Or so we can only hope, but as I’ve learned from this: the powers that be do what they want, regardless…

Speaking of which, Colorado’s confidential medical marijuana registry has been BREACHED and a duplicate, parallel database is being created with each and every entry into the  constitutionally protected confidential medical marijuana patient and caregiver registry, which provides all law enforcement agencies, and some non-background checked third party private security companies, 24/7 access to Colorado’s protected medical marijuana registry. It’s totally illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional – but really – I don’t see what good it does them…I mean, so law enforcement knows I bought an ounce of weed and a few medicated chocolate bars, is that really a big deal to me? No it’s not. So, although I am upset about the constitutionality breach, I don’t think it’s going to be an issue for most normal law abiding citizens like myself….but it’s still Bullshit!

And finally, in major news in my life: I have reduced my pizza delivering ways from full time to part time, and taken a job full time 40+ hours a week in a Colorado Cannabusiness which grows marijuana. I work every day in a church building that has been converted to a congregation of cannabis plants. Where people once filled pews, pot plants fill rows. I’m the son of a preacher, and I feel right at home in my church of cannabis. It’s a dream come true, and I am thankful, Lord, I truly am thankful! :-) God bless you all.

– Positive thoughts and energy your way! Capn Cannabis – late August 2013


If the video does not appear for you, watch it here

More people smoked Cannabis at 4:20 on 4/20 in Denver than have ever smoked Cannabis together before. We raised a historic cloud of pot smoke above our city, and 80,000 people gathered peacefully to celebrate Cannabis. It was a historic moment, and I bring you our camera’s take on “the Moment” at 4:20 PM- followed by my speech that took place at 3:45 PM. I made this video to show that we did have an awesome day. And although the headlines will read about the shooting that left 3 people hurt, it was really a wonderful display of Cannabis affection, prior to around 4:45. Please watch it for an amazing view of what Cannabis legality could look like everywhere :-):  420 Rally Denver 4:20 PM FROM THE STAGE Vitamin Cannabis Films

The following day I attended the sold out 1st Annual American High Times Cannabis Cup, and it was EPIC!! Though it was so packed it was tough to move (16,000 tickets sold) I had a great time and visited every corner of the event. I enjoyed Cannabis infused Chocolate and Strawberry Fondue dripping from fountains. Medicated Pulled Pork sandwiches gave me the energy to keep walking and a buzz! All kinds of pipe sellers, pot products, butter extractors, apple bong making kits, and, of course, the best marijuana in America. Throw in some of the best cannabis concentrates in the world, and I can see why I talked to people from Amsterdam, New Zealand, New York, Chicago, California, and Oklahoma – and they were all blown away!! It was truly an experience, and next year we are hearing it will be at a larger venue – and I should say get your tickets as soon as they become available – it is a Cannabis friendly event like no other pot friendly event on the planet.

Epic times at the Cannabis Cup Denver 2013. :-)

On the Thursday night prior to 4/20, I attended the advance screening of Kevin Booth of Sacred Cow Films’ movie premier of American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny (Free the Cure!). It was an amazing film that all people involved in the Cannabis oil (Phoenix Tears) movement need to see. It has both Rick Simpson and Cash Hyde and his family in it, and tells an incredible, though sometimes sad, story about the true effects of Cannabis prohibition. Mr. Booth forges a brave trail through the trees of this growing movement with compassion, sensibility, and logic. I felt this was a movie I could show almost anyone to change their opinion on the Cannabis oil, and whether children should be given it. You can actually get the movie hosted in your city so check out this website

Regardless of how you do it, find a way to see this movie – you won’t be disappointed.

In Colorado news, the Cannabis THC DUI Bill in the Colorado legislature that would make all Cannabis users criminals if they drove, and subject them to police “blood draws” to prove they had more than 5 nanograms of THC per ML of blood, HAS BEEN TOTALLY KILLED IN COMMITTEE!! Great job and congratulations to the lobbying team that accomplished this, some unpaid – I should add. Please let everyone know this is not a free pass to smoke while driving, though, as without a new law, the old “Zero tolerance” policy is still in place. Still, that’s better than an automatic THC DUI when you are not even feeling buzzed at all at 5 nanograms. That’s six times the bill has been killed now, because it’s a stupid law in the first place to make criminals out of people who are doing just fine. We also learned Colorado voters may get to decide the amount of tax on recreational marijuana, and a Boulder-ite former NASA engineer designed an all-inclusive lockable “Colorado Grow Box” that looks really cool to make growing easier and is A64 compliant.

In “Curing” news: Corri Yelland, a woman who had stage 4 Colon Cancer, is now speaking out that she cured herself using Rick Simpson’s oil. Thanks to Rick and Christian, another life was saved. Viva la Oil! We also learned that “Sativex”, which is basically our Vitamin Cannabis oil in inhaler form put out by a British pharmaceutical company, was rescheduled by the U.K.’s Ministry of Health because it “has a low potential for abuse”. Between Marinol, Sativex, or just plain ol’ Cannabis, I’ll take God’s natural green herb any day. :-)

Overall, the 4/20 weekend in Denver was a trail blazing success!! I need a day or two more to recover :-) :-) :-)  I saw in a U.K. news outlet the headline “80,000 smoke cannabis in Denver 4/20″ and would like more people to see headlines like that, instead of ones about the shooting. Early word is the shooting was gang related and had nothing to do with the rally or cannabis. We’re still sad the violence dampened what would have been a perfect weekend, but please view the video and help me spread the positive message about what really went down in Denver on 4-20-2013, a Historical Gathering for the proponents of the most wonderful plant in the world: Cannabis! Amen~

Viva la evolucion! Hope to see you all again soon,


Capn Cannabis


GREAT News For December

I have great news everyone on multiple fronts- the first- COLORADO HAS LEGALIZED ONE OUNCE AND GROWING SIX PLANTS as of TODAY!!! Our Amendment 64 has been signed into law by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s hand. I shook that same hand many years ago with Ken Gorman while talking about Hick’s Hemp Beer, when he was still mayor elect. To think that he is the one that signed it into law makes me realize how activism can sometimes come full circle. In Colorado, I’ve been working for years to change people’s minds about Cannabis. Finally, it has paid off!!!

Congratulations to Washington State, as well, whose citizens celebrated their freedom by toking up under the Seattle space needle. How cool is that? Awesome times in our two states- and other states are soon to follow- as already Oregon has said to her citizens that it is cool to go to Washington to buy medical weed, as long as you aren’t driving home stoned. The tax dollars will stay in Washington even though the weed goes to Oregon- how long before the states realize the lost revenue source and legalize it everywhere- five years? I hope less- but for now- it’s a great time to be a Colorado citizen- and I hit the 4:20 pm mark today with a new sense of pride. I have smoked a bowl every 4:20 mark possible for 18 years now- to celebrate the fact I had weed during prohibition-and not to take my toke for granted. I also smoke at that time to remember those that have fought for the right to grow, and those locked up for the plant. I will still smoke the 4:20 bowl- but now it is to remember those in other states, who aren’t as free as I am. I will still do all I can to help change minds everywhere. :-)

IN OTHER MAJOR NEWS- It’s rare to see the word “Cannabinoid” anywhere on popular news websites, but that’s just what happened as an Oncologist treating an 8 month old little boy battling brain cancer CAME OUT IN SUPPORT OF THE CANNABIS OIL after watching it work, through the blood/brain barrier, to reduce the child’s tumor dramatically. The oncologist goes on to say, at the risk of his own job and medical license, that Cannabis Oil SHOULD BE THE FIRST LINE OF ATTACK for children with cancer, as the chemo and radiation have long term effects that can be devastating. The parents put the Cannabis Oil on a pacifier and had the infant suck on it- getting it directly into the blood stream through the mucosa glands in the mouth. A fantastic story you can find here: Cannabis For Infant’s Brain Tumor, Doctor Calls Child “A Miracle Baby“.

It’s only a matter of time before more HONEST AND DECENT DOCTORS come out in support of the Cannabis oil. If you have a doctor that isn’t supportive- do what you feel is best- but know that it make take you curing yourself before a doc will believe you- and that’s okay. You will be rich at heart from this- and your life will be extended. :-)

A couple other comical notes- I found out that Popeye- (yes the sailor man) – had magical spinach- that is probably code for marijuana. It seems when the comic was started in the 1940’s, “Spinach” was a term used for marijuana. In early editions of the comic strip- Popeye can be seen smoking his green spinach in a pipe, and even in a hookah on one strip. Turns out it’s been weed giving Popeye his powers all this time. Crazy the amount of cannabis references in everyday life most even hardcore stoners aren’t aware of.

Another story from the lunatics at CU Boulder who sprayed fish fertilizer on their grass in order to stop the annual 420 celebration; this time a couple students gave their history class pot laced brownies- and a few had to be hospitalized because they were too high and had no idea what was making them feel funny. No one was hurt- but the students are facing felony charges for their prank. I graduated high school over a decade ago and this prank was done all the time back then too, so to me it’s no different than someone spiking a punch bowl with alcohol at a party. It’s still wrong to trick someone into ingesting anything they may not want to, but the Denver Post headlining this story as if it is a huge problem is ridiculous. Charge the students for their prank, be glad it wasn’t alcohol, and be done with it. Pot’s not the problem. :-)

On a final note- I have learned the same lobbying group that forced all small cannabusiness out of business through ridiculous overburdening regulation- is also representing the outright evil Fracking industry, whose goals include poisoning our water supply for generations to come. Remember folks, medical pot is legal to sell in Colorado- for millionaires who were millionaires before they got into the pot business. Small time selling is outright banned, and an unconstitutional “caregiver registry” has just gone into effect that is designed to force more small caregivers out of business. Though we can all grow six plants and carry an ounce of pot now even without being on the Schindler’s list that is Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Registry, there are still many hurdles to climb before the people will be able to help themselves- and not just give the perfect corporation more money. But it’s getting better every day- and today was historical, and epic, and I’m proud to be in the Mile High City- and a state where our official Colorado song mentions getting high around a campfire. Rock On Mile High State- the world is sure to follow….

Please e-mail me with any questions and be sure to check out our video “How to Make the Cure” on youtube now. Another video “How to test the cure” will be coming after Christmas. Subscribe if you can we are so close to 1,000 subscribers. Much love and positive energy everyone’s way. Viva la evolucion!

Kyle Marsh “Capn Cannabis” Written Monday December 10th, 2012- the day Colorado legalized. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you spent time with those you love and gave thanks for the blessings in your life. I know I am thankful! For my family, for my health, and for the hope in the future of Colorado’s Cannabis Revolution. I’m also thankful for Rick Simpson, Christian Laurette, Dr. Bob Melamede, Ken Gorman, and all the other kind souls who have contacted me during this journey, and the knowledge they have passed on to me, that I will pass on to my children. Somehow part of me feels this is the end, and part of me feels it’s just the beginning…

To that end, we have released a video called “Vitamin Cannabis: How to Make the Cure” after numerous weekly requests for specific instructions on how to make the pills. Since, tragically, even with Amendment 64, I cannot legally open a small business that sold just the pills, this video became a must. So for all of you who keep e-mailing me asking to buy the medicine- I do not sell it! But this video should help you make it yourselves. :-) I want to add that the frozen everclear method using an essential oil distiller video posted on youtube is the best method I have seen for making the oil, second only to Rick Simpson’s method posted in Christian Laurette’s “Run From the Cure.” I am not trying to step on any toes by releasing this video, this is just one method of making the Cannabis Oil, and as long as you have breath in your body and potent cannabinoids, regardless of your method of obtaining them, the medicine will work!

In Amendment 64 legalization news, history is being made daily in our state, and first the cities of Boulder and Denver have dropped all misdemeanor cannabis possession charges on their dockets. The prosecutors felt they would not win the case if it came to a jury trial, so they dropped them all. Some prosecutors are refusing to drop the charges on plaintiffs in their small redneck counties and cities, and those D.A.’s are what I call “Dickheads.” I hope the D.A.’s in those counties reconsider and follow the will of the people of Colorado.

In Grand Junction, a leaked police memo sets a standard most police in the state may adopt, which says as of right now not to arrest or ticket anyone for less than an ounce of marijuana on them. The hysterical part of the memo regards the police and their inability to hand you back your marijuana if they confiscate it to weigh it. It seems the police would be “transporting a controlled substance” according to Federal law, if they hand you your (less than an ounce) bag of weed back. The memo instructs the police officers to set the pot down and ask you to pick it up. This is going to lead to some hysterical encounters if officers actually do this. My guess is that most officers will just get really good at eyeballing over an ounce of weed in a bag. It’s still funny to me- the cops can weigh your sack of herb now, but can’t hand it back to you if it’s legal according to state constitutional law. The times, they are a changin’.

Attending the Amendment 64 Symposium and Highway 420 Book signing event in Denver last week- Rob Corry delivered the line of the night, saying that “Due to the new laws non-requirement of a Colorado state ID for retail pot sales, out of state and international ID carrying persons over 21 will be able to legally purchase cannabis in Colorado. This means, with tough new cannabis laws in the Netherlands, people from Amsterdam will be flying to Colorado to buy weed.” The line got cheers and hurrahs! I should add all of this retail sales stuff won’t happen for a year or longer- but carrying an ounce will be legal in 3 weeks, so will growing 6 plants. I also met an Amsterdammer at last years 420 rally- and she said with Colorado’s openly advertising pot shops and cannabis events monthly- we were already way ahead of what for decades stood as the Cannabis Capital of the World. I can officially say- Colorado has taken that torch- and we intend to burn it bright.

Warren Edson spoke on the THC DUI measure of 64, which everyone is watching very close. A Zero Tolerance policy has already been thrown out; now it may be set at you are “impaired” according to the state at 5 nanograms of THC in your blood per milliliter. This could be very bad- as most pot smokers are in the hundereds of nanograms of THC per ml of blood just after smoking- and they are not too “high” to drive- and would not be considered so given a roadside sobriety test. If they set the law at 5 Nanograms, a lot of people could get THC DUI’s that were not impaired at all. We are all hoping they will set no nanogram of THC standard, instead relying on roadside sobriety to determine if a driver is impaired, because that is filmed by a dash cam in the cop car and can be used as evidence in court. This would allow marijuana users to have a jury of 12 decide if, based on the video, they were impaired, or if the officer was just being a jerk. The DA’s are ignoring the will of the people of Colorado in certain areas, why should we believe cops in certain areas won’t go THC DUI crazy if they set such a low standard? Also, what probable cause will be allowed for making a person undergo a roadside test for THC DUI? Just smelling weed would be enough- and at such a low nanogram level- everyone who smoked within 24 hours would probably have nanograms above 5. We heard stories of patients testing in the thousands for nanograms of THC in blood. I didn’t get to ask if those patients were comatose and shouldn’t drive or not. Edson also mentioned the THC/DUI issue could come up in divorce court if it sets a standard for THC “impairment.” If one parent labels the other a daily marijuana user who is “constantly impaired” and the blood test confirms it, a good parent could lose custody of a child based on a ridiculous and unscientific standard of 5 nanograms as being impaired. I’ll try to keep everyone updated as we get more information on the issue- for now be careful still, especially in counties known to be unfriendly to Cannabis.

On a sad note-one that pains me deeply- Cash Hyde has passed away from cancer, after the Montana legislature forced the closure of dispensaries and cracked down on medical marijuana providers making it difficult, if not impossible, for Cash’s parents to get him the medication he needed. Cash has been an inspiration to us all, and he will be greatly missed. He accomplished so much in his short time here on earth. He will never be forgotten. Neither will the ridiculous laws and politicians that hastened his death. The laws will change in time, but not in time for Cash. The true consequence of cannabis prohibition lies in Cash Hyde’s story.

I made part two of Vitamin Cannabis and titled it “Save the Children” after hearing of Cash’s story. My baby boy had not yet been born, but I still felt the beginning pride a father feels. I knew that if Cannabis did cure cancer, the children who lay dying from the disease should be the first to receive it- just as the Polio vaccine went first to the kids already infected.

Cash beat cancer multiple times with Cannabis and Chemo. Finally, when left with only chemo as an option, he wasn’t able to survive. The legislative body in Montana that overrode the will of the people should be ashamed of themselves. But sadly, I know, in their alien world, Cannabis is evil- and should never be given to children. I disagreed at the time I made part two of my film, and I still do. Children should be given cannabis, but only in certain situations of dire medical need, or instead of addict forming brain altering ADD drugs.

It may turn out there are many more reasons to give children small doses of Cannabinoids, or hemp seeds and hemp seed oil, as a way of strengthening brain development, immune resistance, etc…but for now, I know that the years of telling children that Cannabis is evil has led to this- a child dying from a disease that possibly could have been cured with the very substance labeled as “evil”. “Save the Children from Cannabis” was a theme the Anti-legalization group used in Colorado to attack us legalizing weed. Luckily, most in Colorado knew it was better for the children if weed was legal. For Cash, I say “Save the Children with Cannabis.” He was a beautiful boy- A bright soul gone to heaven- Rest in Peace Cash Hyde 2008-2012

Please check out more on Cash’s story here:

More to come in December- positive energy to all who have read this far- much love. -Capn Cannabis November 24 2012


Hello friends-

For those of you in states with marijuana “legalization” measures on your ballots, I would urge you to vote in favor of them, as I have just done in Colorado. In my historic vote (to me anyways) I voted YES on Amendment 64, which would grant the citizens of Colorado the right to grow six Cannabis plants. Though there are many issues yet to be clarified concerning the implementation of 64 I am troubled by, my YES vote felt good, and I can tell you any pot regulation laws will send a strong message to the federal government that Cannabis does not deserve the reputation it has, and it’s users do not deserve to be harassed, imprisoned, and, in some cases, killed…

…which leads me to a sad story that struck me out of Washington state, where a 22 year old young man, facing marijuana charges, turned himself into the police at his mother’s insistence. Upon booking, and in jail, he was served oatmeal containing dairy products which he is allergic to. The guards supposedly ignored his pleas for help as he lay dying of an allergic reaction to dairy, which everyone, including the guards, had known about prior. His death is another tragedy of the drug war. This young man should have been growing pot for his family and neighbors health and cancer cure, not imprisoned for it, then killed “accidentally” in jail. This young man’s death was totally needless. I hope we can help end this horrible drug war that robs us of so many bright young people. My thoughts and prayer go out to his family.

In Colorado news, the US Department of Agriculture, which regulates meat and dairy products, has stepped into (literally) dispensaries in Denver and confiscated THC infused beef jerky from a local cannabis edibles company. Apparently you can’t mix the cancer cure and mad cow disease, something about cancelling each other out, I don’t know- but I believe the last time these people showed up anywhere they were arresting Oprah for talking trash about red meat. If they can take down her, Colorado cannabis edibles companies don’t stand a chance. Take this as totally unfair warning that THC meat and dairy products are officially being confiscated by the federal government in Colorado. Crazy times. Check it out if you wish…

One last note- if you are in the Colorado Springs area this Friday stop by Marmalade at Smokebrush from 5:30 to 10:00 where Dr. Bob Melamede and Todd McCorkmick will be speaking about cannabis as a cancer cure. Weather permitting, I might make a few comments as well- or a fiery sermon. You can check out the flyer here or at the bottom of the newsletter.

It is said “The ants of the world far outweigh the elephants.” It is factually true, but I take the comparison to mean the small creatures of this earth, in numbers and weight, can easily defeat the large ones. As worker ants, we get the message of Cannabis as a Cancer cure out there versus the elephants of the pharmaceutical industry and perfect corporation. To this point, sadly, the elephants only seem amused. But one day… one day soon…We’ll win.

Happy Cannaween everybody! May you Rip In Peace 😉
Capn Cannabis October, 25th 2012

Howdy folks!

It’s been a while- but you’ll be getting a double dose this month to make up for a missed month of information. To get started- we have major good news and major bad news. The good first- Rick Simpson, who should win the nobel prize, has released his book telling the story of the Phoenix Tears. You can get all 176 pages for $9.99 at his website– and I strongly recommend that if you are reading this newsletter you read Rick Simpson’s book. In it, he describes in intricate detail, with suprisingly excellent writing, the entire journey he has been on, including the proper process for making the cannabis oil. A lot of patients stories are described as well, their diseases, and experience on the oil. This is all useful information you may not be able to find online, and certainly not all in one place. I have read the book in its entirety, and not only was it a great Cannabis book, it is a great Human evolution story, told with honor, integrity, and spitting fire where it needs to be spat. It is a phenomenal tale- you will be shocked and amazed at what actually took place during Rick’s rise to fame. All for re-realeasing a panacea, a cure all- the Phoenix tears.

To Rick- you are a true hero of mine for the courage you have shown in releasing such information. I am thankful I came across it, and used it with great success to help those in need. I wish you the best and ultimate success through the rest of your long life, and I understand now the reasons you may not return to your home country of Canada. I still hope you get to see your Mom and those you want to see in that region. I thank you again, on behalf of all those I have treated and myself and my family, for what you have done, are doing, and I know will do. Thank you- is all I can say.

And now for the bad news… My Uncle, and the star patient in my film Vitamin Cannabis, has been arrested by the Federal Government in his homestate, a legal medical state where my uncle was a registered patient. The worst part, is the last communication I have from him was about how he had made the cannabis oil, cured a friend of brain cancer with a 60 gram reset, had the medical proof, and was about to go public with it. That “going public with it” part never happened….

To my Uncle- I’m so sorry this has happened. I know you were trying so hard to do what was morally correct, and success in curing loved ones meant the powers that be had to do something to stop you. Sooner rather than later. You alone were that much of a threat to them. Your courage in allowing me to tell your story in my film, has already helped others make the same leap of faith you did when you first told me you had cancer, and I first told you about the Phoenix Tears, and you decided to take 60 grams and extend your life.I am thankful for you in my life- and the lessons you taught me about good living and strength in family. I have nothing but love for you- and I wish you all the positive energy in the world to see you through this. I know God is there too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart- please know how sorry I am. God bless you Uncle.

It feels tough to follow that with any kind of news- but I have to go on- and to lighten the mood- did anyone see the story on the study that said CT Scans could be causing 2% of the cancers world wide? Oh wait- that wasn’t positive- but it is true. Let me try again…

Did anyone see the story of the guy busted in Vermont for Cannabis possession, who then took his farm tractor to the police station that busted him and ran over 7 of their cars with his steel beast?? The best part is, two of the officers had just finished washing their cars by hand before the tractor attacked. The next best part? The 7 cops in the station had to chase the tractor on foot, because all their cars were just destroyed. They failed to aprehend the man in the tractor, and another county’s deputies (who presumably still had cars) caught up with the man and arrested him for multiple felonies.

In a non related story that I so badly wish was related- Colorado’s Pot Police, the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division ( MMED) of the Colorado Division of Revenue, spent $70,000 a piece on 7 totally tricked out black S.U.V.’s, that apparently were designed to chase potheads across dirt roads at 60 mph. They carry advanced everything, upgraded everything, and now that Colorado’s pot boom (at least for the dispensaries, the black market is now flourishing) is over and the tax dollars have dried up, the MMED doesn’t even have enough employees left to need the 7 S.U.V.’s, so they are loaning them out to other government agencies. The MMED had over $7 million dollars at one point, and now they are so broke they won’t even authorize new employees for the pot shops that do still exist, so a hiring freeze is now in place because you can’t hire new employees until the MMED approves them, and they won’t do that again until March of 2013 due to “budgetary issues.” So you can’t get a job in the pot shops unless you have already been approved. Bullshit. Corrupt Bullshit. I really wish the Tractor man would have taken on the MMED’s 7 S.U.V.’s they blew their taxpayer money on, but alas, no such luck. Hey MMED, we could probably make another $7 mil for you to mindlessly blow on stupid shit if we set up your S.U.V.’s at the Denver Coliseum and let Tractor Man run them over. Just a thought…

In Oil related news, we have helped make some oil with a high CBD strain of weed specifically designed for CBD content, and test results just came back at 40% CBD, which is very good, as our original oil had around 3% CBD and 29% THC (also less than 1% CBN). In theory, a blend of CBD and THC would be good for certain cancers, but in reading Rick Simpson’s book, he isn’t quite sold on CBD for internal ingestion, which is our primary focus. From my experience, the high THC has worked all the magic that needs to be worked in almost every case, but it does make patients have THC “trips” occasionally. We will experiment with the high CBD oil (though there is very little of it at present) and report back in newsletters if possible. We would also like to encourage anyone out there doing CBD internal ingestion work to contact us with any information, we would love to hear from you!

Additionally, rumors of a Tommy Chong documentary on the Phoenix Tears in Colorado proved to be false, but we wish him the best in his treatment. We also know there are many more documentaries on the oil being made in Colorado and elsewhere. We wish all these film teams the best of luck in their quest to document the truth behind the healing magic of the oil- and we look forward to seeing your films!

More Colorado news- An 87 Year old man was recently busted for growing 400 plus pot plants (I’m sure he would say 420), that he was licensed to grow according to state constitutional law- meaning he had the “Red Card” permits and was making oil and edibles for people, which requires more plants. The cops left him with some of his plants- but I just want to say that this man should not be charged with anything- he should be put in the book of world records- for coolest grandpa. He should not face jail time, he should be given a medal for being so old and growing so much damn pot. His plants were huge! There’s no way a jury of 12 is gonna convict this guy of his supposed crime- so it amounts to the cops robbing him and leaving him struggling to fulfill patients needs. It’s again- Bullshit. Corrupt Bullshit.

On one more Colorado corrupt Bullshit note- letters went out to 10 more dispensaries in the state ordering them to close because they are within 1000 feet of schools or day-cares. 10 places closing or relocating at the cost of a few stamps to the federal agent that sent them out. Meanwhile, and I could not make this up- the Denver City council revises it’s liquor code so that now you can open a bar and serve alcohol right next to a school. I kid you not. The limit used to be 500 feet, but that was just too inconvenient to drinkers and developers. I’m not saying I care if my kids school is next to a bar (I probably would) but it’s amazing to see the slanted view of things. Cannabis curing stations closing, while poison flows freely anywhere it wants.

We were also thrilled to hear the recent news of a genuine “Jury Nullification” in New Hampshire for a Rastafarian man found growing Cannabis plants on his property for sacramental use. For those of you unfamiliar with Jury Nullification, it basically allows a jury member to decide that the prosecutor has presented his case and it seems to be correct, but if he or she disagrees with the punishment the accused would receive if a guilty verdict is entered, the jury member can nullify the trial and find the defendant not guilty. The defendant then cannot be retried due to double jeopardy. I bring this up because of this little known fact: Jury Nullification, done by the hundreds, kept many good bootleggers out of jail in the waning days of prohibition. When juries refused to convict their friends and neighbors for boozing or making booze, the federal government knew the battle was over and moved to correct the problem, thus ending prohibition. The government has also kept Jury Nullification a secret ever since then, and we were glad to see it brought back for Cannabis as a sacred plant, in the state of New Hampshire. Way to Go NH!! If all of us register to vote (which makes you eligible for jury duty) and we then show up to jury duty, get selected, and happen to pull a drug case, in theory you could nullify the whole trial by forcing a not guilty verdict, and- done by the hundreds- prosecutors would stop prosecuting certain drug cases, and the federal government would be forced to change the laws or look really stupid as everyone is breaking the laws with no penalty or enforcement. It worked once before, it could work again…

Other efforts to legalize marijuana continue in Colorado. On our ballot in November is Amendment 64, which would basically set up Colorado’s medical marijuana system, including aspects of HB 1284 (which was written by law enforcement agents), into Colorado’s state constitution. It has received a wave of negative attacks from the anti-pot side (95% funded by a Republican Drug Treatment Facility operator), including the oft used link from marijuana to Heroin use as a gateway drug, which has proven false or we would have heroin shops here in Denver. The critics have also cited drug court influenced statistics that more teens seek drug addiction treatment for pot than any other drug, which is a true stat, but only because teens busted for a couple joints at a party are offered drug treatment and a clean record (Read: Can still get federal college loans) as a plea deal, versus fighting the charges and possibly ending up with a criminal record ( Read: No Student Loan money for you). No wonder so many young people caught with an 1/8 of weed or a pipe choose Bullshit drug addiction treatment instead of the criminal record part, so the numbers are skewed one way to say the least. Another tactic included the republicans changing the Colorado Voter guide ( a book that gets sent to every Colorado voter that highlights the pros and cons of each issue on the ballot) to have 366 words against the legalization amendment, to only 208 for it. The messed up part is, the words were even initially, until someone in government intervened to tip the hat in the favor of the prohibitionists. Underhanded and seedy- that’s pot politics in the place where Rocky Mountain High is our state song.

Last but not least, I will be speaking at an event in Colorado Springs on October 26th sponsored by the THC ministry. I believe Dr. Bob Melamede may be there, and his film, along with a video from me, will be shown. I hope to have our instructional video called “Vitamin Cannabis: How to Make the Cure” finished by then as we continue to get countless requests for help in making the oil, fixing the oil, etc.. I am a huge fan of the poster that was put together for this event- that boldly states “CANNABIS CURES CANCER.”

Damn right it does. I’m proud to again scream it from this electronic mountaintop. Won’t you join me in making some phoenix tears, using it, and feeling better? I hope you do. :-)

God bless you all- Capn Cannabis- September 2012


July News – Breach Party

Hello, everyone. This months’s news letter comes with sad news: Cash Hyde in Montana, a 2 year old who put his brain cancer into remission with Cannabis Oil, is out of oil due to the closure of medical marijuana dispensaries in his state. He is asking for donations, but moving may be a better option. It is so sad that medical marijuana law and the bickering over symantics makes it so children like Cash cannot get the medicine they need to grow up strong. So sadshame on the Montana legislature for shutting down the dispensarieslook at who you are affecting.

On a more positive note, we have received good information Tommy Chong is winning his battle against cancer using the cannabis oil. Keep him in your thoughts as he fights the good fight, and a movie featuring him using the oil is rumored to be filming right now. In Colorado Springs, Bob Crouse, a Phoenix Tears user and grower, was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Congratulations to him! It seems the only way to really win these trials is with a jury of your peers, who just won’t find you guilty as long as you were following constitutional amendment 20, rather than the state legislatures added on House Bill 1284. The people know truthandso farthey are not convicting their neighbors based on crap laws passed by the state politicians, they are going by what the people said about medical marijuana way back in 2000. Right on!

More interesting stuff with the patent, it seems the Cannabis as Neuroprotectants patent is being utilized by a pharmaceutical corporation who hopes to have a product released based on the patent within the next couple years. Of course, their competition would be people growing it themselves cheaply, so they have to make sure that can’t happen, but it is interesting to see how the Perfect Corporation works- to screw us over of course.

In actual oil testing news- we are now no longer allowing the use of Sleep Aids of any kind while patients are using large amounts of the oil. In fact, any other medication that can slow the heart rate or put you to sleep should probably not be used in conjunction with the oil, especially “reset” attempts.

On a final noteMedical Marijuana patients on the registry, almost 100,000 now in the state, can no longer be on the conceal to carry a weapon list. Additionally, patients who have cars registered in their name will find their registry status as a pot user will pop up on Police computers when they are pulled over in their car. This is all fully unconstitutional according to amendment 20, and fully allowed under new laws passed by misguided politicians. Never the less, this breach of what was supposed to be a confidential medical marijuana patient registry, is complete, and you need to be aware of it, and have a “Breach Party” to commiserate another one of our rights gone by the wayside.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the shooting at the Aurora movie theatre that happened during this month just a few miles from where I live. Many victims were taken to the University of Colorado hospital, where both of my children were born in the last year. Anyone can go crazy anywhere, but everyone here is at a loss for words to explain why this happened, and why it happened again here in this state. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. I don’t think we will ever fully understand why he did what he did, and hurt so many. We can only try to heal the pain. I just wish this guy had smoked a bunch of pot in his life, because I know, from personal experience, that even angry individuals become chilled out when they smoke pot. It may not have mattered either way.

There is more to come in next months newsletter as we continue to try to get the message of the cancer cure out there to all who will listen. We are also preparing a new video of our method that will be released soon to help alleviate some of the e-mails we get with questions as to how to make it.

We wish you all a happy and safe beginning to the new month―positive thoughts and energy your way!

Kyle Marsh (Capn Cannabis)

Hi Folks-we have both good and bad news- so we will get the bad out of the way- which is that comedian Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame has prostate cancer. The good news is that he is using the Cannabis Oil to treat it, and as part of his announcement- Mr. Chong went on CNN, America’s largest cable news network- and talked about using the oil instead of chemotherapy. It is the FIRST TIME Rick Simpson’s oil has been mentioned on a major news network here in the States. We wish Tommy all the best and hope his treatment is successful- it should be- as those of us who have lots of experience with the oil know. He has caught the cancer early, he has not had chemo or radiation yet, and he has plenty of time to do a 60 gram reset.

In other news, we received a message from a patient who used the oil, and also went to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, who advertise on TV. We have looked into the cancer centers, and everyone should know they are rumored to cost $30,000 a month and their success rate is approximately 5-10% better (or worse for some cancers) than most hospitals. Our patient underwent chemo and radiation, but also completed a reset of the oil. The Doctor’s at the Cancer Centers were SHOCKED and AMAZED when their patient tested at 100% cancer free. The family sent us an e-mail saying thanks for the advice and info, and that they believe it was the oil that cured him, not the chemo radiation. I believe it was the oil too, but I wanted to share this story with you all to let you know it is OKAY to have a family member still do chemo or radiation if they need or want to. It isn’t the best, and it could cause cancers to come back later, but the oil will not interfere with chemo- it will only do it’s job anyway.

On the local front- the THC DUI bill was narrowly defeated- even as the large dispensary lobbying groups folded against patients again and supported the bill. It’s disgusting, but the large for profit dispensaries in Colorado are so shady at this point! I bought some Cannabis Oil product called “Ear Wax” and it popped and fizzled like a fourth of july firecracker. When I returned it to the shop and showed them just how toxic the wax was, instead of pulling it off their shelves- they just put it on sale- saying that most of their customers “won’t even know the wax is toxic.” The best way to legalize pot is to let everyone grow it, as much of it as they need, and not let the grows be managed by robber barons who don’t see cannabis as medicine. A local police officer was killed by a DUI driver, but there is no public outrage about the death due to drinking-but if it had been thc….

More local news, Dr. Bob Melamede is being blocked from testifying in the trial of Bob Crouse, a local cannabis patient/grower and phoenix tears oil user. Dr. Bob would testify the two pounds of Cannabis Mr. Crouse was growing was for making the oil, not selling as the cops contend. However, the prosecutor is attempting to block Dr. Melamede’s testimony because they know that a jury will not convict Mr. Crouse if they hear he was using the oil to treat his own cancer and understand just how much cannabis it takes to make it. Sad that the government will spend so much effort to keep this story from spreading- we wish Mr. Crouse all the best in his upcoming trial.

One last local note- the CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) is illegally stealing money from the CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health) to create a database of cannabis patients for law enforcement purposes. This is specifically banned in Colorado’s constitutional amendment 20, but the government enforcers don’t care about the laws. They just want to be able to tell cannabis users that they can’t have guns, and that they will automatically be pulled out for DUI testing just for being pulled over, if the computer system database goes through. Thanks to Cheesecake Lady Jessica for fighting this and getting the information out there- the two groups held an illegal meeting last week to discuss the illegal pilfering of CDPHE funds for the illegal database. Did I mention the entire database is illegal???

And on the Zombie Apocalypse front- the bath salts consuming face eating man from Florida who ate a man’s face on camera, had some THC in his system. So even though he may have been on bath salts and prescription pills were found in his system, the press is implying the attack was heightened by cannabis because it was confirmed that he had “consumed marijuana in the hours prior to the attack” and that the prescription pills were “mostly undigested”. Toxicology results, however, take 6 weeks. Ridiculous what they will say to keep pot illegal- hence why I’m so proud that Tommy Chong got the information about the oil out on CNN. For now, it’s up to us to keep taking care of those we love. Let me know if I can answer any questions out there folks, and if you want one of our movies, there are only 50 left of the original 100 so order now. Positive energy everyone’s way- except the prohibitionists. They can take some bath salts and go eat some face…

One last note- we promised a weekly newsletter but I have two young kids- so it’s going to be monthly or randomly as news comes in. Please stay subscribed. We’ll do our best to keep the knowledge coming- and the tests are still taking place all over Colorado- and it seems like- the world. Check out the CEO of Dr. Bronner’s magic soap’s protest in Washington D.C.. Locked in a cage with hemp plants with cops all around trying to figure out how to get him out of there. Hysterical poignant activism-Viva la Evolucion- Capn Cannabis June 2012

What better way to start our first Blog/Newsletter than with AMAZING NEWS- Canadian authorities have DROPPED THE CHARGES against Phoenix Tears formula releaser RICK SIMPSON, paving the way for his return to his home country. While we are still upset Mr. Simpson will lose some of his grow equipment and personal property- it is great for him to be able to return home. Congratulations to Mr. Simpson and we hope to hear from him, from Canada, soon. :-)
In local Colorado news- I have reliable information a TEST OF TWENTY patients, using Cannabis oil made from human consumbale safe products, and tested for Cannabinoid content, is being overseen by a Harvard educated Cannabis friendly Medical Doctor here in Denver. With the M.D.’s credentials, if the test is even slightly successfull, more people will have to pay attention to what some of us already know (thanks to Rick Simpson) that Cannabis Cures Cancer. I am letting everyone know about the test in the hopes that other teams in other parts of the world will be able to convince their accredited medical and research professionals to conduct similiar tests.
Dr. Bob Melamede in Colorado Springs also continues to blast off against the prohibitionists, using the website and company Cannabis Science (.com) to post proof positive pictures of the oil in action curing people. Between Dr. Bob Melamede, who also has Cannabinoid Oil tests running, and Dr. Alan Shackleford M.D., the proof is coming…
The most commonly asked question we are getting recently has been what to use as a cutting agent in states and areas where Everclear is unavailable, and the answer is to use as high a proof as you can get CLEAR VODKA without any flavoring, if possible. Just straight pure vodka if you can’t get everclear.
Lastly- the Colorado legislature has brought back from the dead a THC DUI bill, which would make anyone driving pulled over who had their blood tested at a rate higher than 5 nanograms of THC per Mililitre of blood would automatically be charged with a Driving Under the Influence charge, regardless of whether or not they were impaired. It’s a big deal because all regular cannabis users will test above the 5 nanogram limit at all times, regardless of if they are impaired or not. Cannabis Oil users like myself will test way above the limit even if we do not smoke cannabis. This bill will make tens of thousands of people criminals again, including me, each and every time we drive- even though statistically speaking we are safer drivers on pot than not on pot. I hope it fails- I don’t want to be a criminal again for no good reason….
But I will stay positive of course- because the good news just recieved gives me hope- and the tests ongoing even further hope- that we will win soon- and this medicine will be available to everyone, everywhere- like God intended it to be. Happy Mothers Day Mother Earth and all the Moms out there- your kids hold the key. :-) Viva la Evolucion- Capn Cannabis May 15 2012