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Howdy Folks!

I’d like to share a story with you to start…

In 2002 the late great Colorado marijuana activist Ken Gorman and I were headed down to Colorado Springs to support a libertarian candidate for governor (Ralph Shnevlar) who was running partially on a pro-pot platform, and to promote the CD I produced for Ken called “It’s a Cannabis Christmas.” Upon arrival at the rally, Ken introduced me to Dr. Bob Melamede, a local professor who knew a ton about Cannabinoids, and the endocannabinoid system within the body. After listening to Dr. Bob speak at the event, his words struck me with such resonance, I knew I needed to know more. I arranged to have a meeting with Dr. Bob one on one, and to my surprise, he invited me―a young know nothing pot activist―to his home in the springs so he could show me some documentation that would back up with science what he was claiming cannabis could do. When I arrived we had a long conversation about the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis, and Dr. Bob showed me firsthand the x-ray photos of mice that had cancerous brain tumors being injected with THC, and the cancer going away. I saw with my own eyes the x-rays- and the mice’s tumors starving to death. That was back in the late summer of 2002.

Flash forward to 2010, when I am growing cannabis legally under state law in a house in the Denver ghetto, when my roommate bursts out of the bathroom where he had been reading a magazine, and says “some guy in Canada is claiming refined cannabis oil can cure cancer.” I remembered what Dr. Bob had shown me 8 years prior, and even though my roommate and I had severe doubts about what was claimed by Rick Simpson, when I told my friend the story of the mice who had been injected his eyes lit up and we both realized maybe it could work―and we would like to try it. We then found a way to make the oil ourselves.

The rest, as they say, is history, and it is still ongoing, as we don’t know if Cannabis will be legal here in Colorado, what has happened to my uncle, and will I ever get to legally make the medicine for others again? Through all that, I am so thankful that I went and saw Dr. Bob in 2002, to see those mice photos and hear that story. It led me to being rich at heart, as I know now not only that cannabis does cure cancer, but that I have the power to make the medicine myself. What a wonderful feeling that is…

And speaking of photos that can change people’s lives…we had a fantastic event in Colorado Springs the other night. Thanks so much to the THC Ministry for all their hard work putting this “Cannabis Cures Cancer” event together. Dr. Bob Melamede wowed the crowd with photos of a patient who used Cannabis Oil to cause a giant scalp tumor to fall off, leaving a healthy layer of skin underneath. Truly AMAZING pictures! And further proof the oil works. You can see all of Dr. Bob’s press releases at

I also had a chance to talk with the sister and father of “Bill Smith”, a Colorado patient who is using Cannabis Oil to treat his rare condition. Their story, as partially featured on National Geographic Channel’s “American Weed”, is remarkable. Check out their website for the whole story (Nat. Geo only used 20 minutes of 120 hours of footage they shot) and to keep updated on Bill and his family’s struggle to use a working natural medicine to treat his very serious condition. We wish them the best…

Stories also came to us at this event about “Realm of Caring”, a Colorado organization which is performing Cannabis miracles using the oil on all types of patients. They do all this despite the threat of persecution from the government. I have good information the testing is going extremely well. :-)

I also had many conversations with wonderful people about a variety of cannabis topics, including the right PH for water for making full melt bubble hash, is BHO ( Butane Hash Oil) Phoenix Tears (A Big No!), and a wonderful hand blown pipe came into my possession that I greatly appreciate! Vitamin Cannabis was shown to 25 people who seemed to really be into it, and Len Richmond’s “What If Cannabis Cured Cancer” finished off the night of exposition. There was laughter, there were tears, but―most importantly―there was hope for people who are sick and in need of real help. My thoughts and prayers are with all the patients whose family attended. The Cannabis Oil does work and you have a chance as long as you have breath left in your body, no matter what the medical establishment tells you your “time frame” is.

On a final note, a historical opportunity for everyone in Colorado to have the right to grow six Cannabis plants hangs in the balance by just a few thousand votes. I have already voted YES on Amendment 64 in Colorado, and despite my reservations about it, let me officially endorse it as of right now. Regardless of all the negative issues with 64, a million plus people in Colorado will be able to grow 6 Cannabis plants and keep their whole harvest. I know it can take a while, but six plants, grown 6 feet tall each, could give the grower enough to make oil very easily. Knowing that everyone in the state 21 and over can make their own Cancer cure is a GREAT THING- regardless of all the BS that will come with the new law. If you have the same reservations as I do, Vote Yes on 64, you will feel good doing it, and please encourage everyone you know to vote Yes as well as it may be very, very close. I have a feeling, though, that even a few Romney votes will be Yes votes on 64 as well, so I’m predicting a narrow 420 vote  victory. I’ll be posting a newsletter late Tuesday night or as soon as the election results for Amendment 64 are in this November 6th.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event- we hope to see you all again!

Peace and positive thoughts your way- Capn Cannabis

Hello friends-

For those of you in states with marijuana “legalization” measures on your ballots, I would urge you to vote in favor of them, as I have just done in Colorado. In my historic vote (to me anyways) I voted YES on Amendment 64, which would grant the citizens of Colorado the right to grow six Cannabis plants. Though there are many issues yet to be clarified concerning the implementation of 64 I am troubled by, my YES vote felt good, and I can tell you any pot regulation laws will send a strong message to the federal government that Cannabis does not deserve the reputation it has, and it’s users do not deserve to be harassed, imprisoned, and, in some cases, killed…

…which leads me to a sad story that struck me out of Washington state, where a 22 year old young man, facing marijuana charges, turned himself into the police at his mother’s insistence. Upon booking, and in jail, he was served oatmeal containing dairy products which he is allergic to. The guards supposedly ignored his pleas for help as he lay dying of an allergic reaction to dairy, which everyone, including the guards, had known about prior. His death is another tragedy of the drug war. This young man should have been growing pot for his family and neighbors health and cancer cure, not imprisoned for it, then killed “accidentally” in jail. This young man’s death was totally needless. I hope we can help end this horrible drug war that robs us of so many bright young people. My thoughts and prayer go out to his family.

In Colorado news, the US Department of Agriculture, which regulates meat and dairy products, has stepped into (literally) dispensaries in Denver and confiscated THC infused beef jerky from a local cannabis edibles company. Apparently you can’t mix the cancer cure and mad cow disease, something about cancelling each other out, I don’t know- but I believe the last time these people showed up anywhere they were arresting Oprah for talking trash about red meat. If they can take down her, Colorado cannabis edibles companies don’t stand a chance. Take this as totally unfair warning that THC meat and dairy products are officially being confiscated by the federal government in Colorado. Crazy times. Check it out if you wish…

One last note- if you are in the Colorado Springs area this Friday stop by Marmalade at Smokebrush from 5:30 to 10:00 where Dr. Bob Melamede and Todd McCorkmick will be speaking about cannabis as a cancer cure. Weather permitting, I might make a few comments as well- or a fiery sermon. You can check out the flyer here or at the bottom of the newsletter.

It is said “The ants of the world far outweigh the elephants.” It is factually true, but I take the comparison to mean the small creatures of this earth, in numbers and weight, can easily defeat the large ones. As worker ants, we get the message of Cannabis as a Cancer cure out there versus the elephants of the pharmaceutical industry and perfect corporation. To this point, sadly, the elephants only seem amused. But one day… one day soon…We’ll win.

Happy Cannaween everybody! May you Rip In Peace 😉
Capn Cannabis October, 25th 2012

What better way to start our first Blog/Newsletter than with AMAZING NEWS- Canadian authorities have DROPPED THE CHARGES against Phoenix Tears formula releaser RICK SIMPSON, paving the way for his return to his home country. While we are still upset Mr. Simpson will lose some of his grow equipment and personal property- it is great for him to be able to return home. Congratulations to Mr. Simpson and we hope to hear from him, from Canada, soon. :-)
In local Colorado news- I have reliable information a TEST OF TWENTY patients, using Cannabis oil made from human consumbale safe products, and tested for Cannabinoid content, is being overseen by a Harvard educated Cannabis friendly Medical Doctor here in Denver. With the M.D.’s credentials, if the test is even slightly successfull, more people will have to pay attention to what some of us already know (thanks to Rick Simpson) that Cannabis Cures Cancer. I am letting everyone know about the test in the hopes that other teams in other parts of the world will be able to convince their accredited medical and research professionals to conduct similiar tests.
Dr. Bob Melamede in Colorado Springs also continues to blast off against the prohibitionists, using the website and company Cannabis Science (.com) to post proof positive pictures of the oil in action curing people. Between Dr. Bob Melamede, who also has Cannabinoid Oil tests running, and Dr. Alan Shackleford M.D., the proof is coming…
The most commonly asked question we are getting recently has been what to use as a cutting agent in states and areas where Everclear is unavailable, and the answer is to use as high a proof as you can get CLEAR VODKA without any flavoring, if possible. Just straight pure vodka if you can’t get everclear.
Lastly- the Colorado legislature has brought back from the dead a THC DUI bill, which would make anyone driving pulled over who had their blood tested at a rate higher than 5 nanograms of THC per Mililitre of blood would automatically be charged with a Driving Under the Influence charge, regardless of whether or not they were impaired. It’s a big deal because all regular cannabis users will test above the 5 nanogram limit at all times, regardless of if they are impaired or not. Cannabis Oil users like myself will test way above the limit even if we do not smoke cannabis. This bill will make tens of thousands of people criminals again, including me, each and every time we drive- even though statistically speaking we are safer drivers on pot than not on pot. I hope it fails- I don’t want to be a criminal again for no good reason….
But I will stay positive of course- because the good news just recieved gives me hope- and the tests ongoing even further hope- that we will win soon- and this medicine will be available to everyone, everywhere- like God intended it to be. Happy Mothers Day Mother Earth and all the Moms out there- your kids hold the key. :-) Viva la Evolucion- Capn Cannabis May 15 2012