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Vitamin Cannabis Lab Test Results

We had our oil tested in July. Click the images to enlarge.



Howdy from the wild wild weed filled west.  Happy Fourth of July everyone! May this message find you well and happy after this fine Patriot’s Day.  :-)

I’d like to start by saying Colorado tourism is up 3%, and I think it has a lot to do with our “friendly” attitude towards a beloved plant. The tax numbers are in, and 2012 saw over $5 million dollars collected in revenue by the state of Colorado, and that’s just in actual pot sales, and the tip of the iceberg. Tax revenue benefiting us all will continue to, pardon my pun, grow and grow, and pardon my pun again, like a weed! It’s beautiful times for all things pot in the state of Colorado…

In local regulatory news, the Department of Revenue “lost” some of the pot shop licenses, which were on a computer hard drive that somehow went missing or was deleted, the DOR won’t say. It’s suspicious to say the least, and incompetent at best, but oh well, it really doesn’t make that much of a difference to the average pot smoker.

Separate from cannabis but related, Colorado’s Crime Lab operator retired after a scathing report indicating falsification of lab test results for drug cases at the Colorado State testing lab. It seems the lab techs weren’t really doing their jobs like they should have been, instead they were “dry testing” drug samples (by using them?) and then reporting them as drugs despite not actually lab testing them. Some samples were outright changed to benefit police reports, and other issues of corruption at the lab have come to light, putting thousands of convictions at risk of being reviewed. It has happened in other places, no surprise it is happening here. What is surprising is it was happening at all; it seems like no place is immune to corruption anymore, but at least now it seems to also come into the light at lot quicker. Time will tell the ultimate results of this abuse of power.

And speaking of corruption, it was revealed the CEO of the Komen foundation, the pink ribbon starting race putting on non-profit organization that is apparently “racing for a cure” and accepts donations for cancer research, just gave their CEO a raise in salary to $684,000 a year, which is way more than the head of the United Way and other huge non-profits make. At the same time, the Komen foundation is cancelling races across the United States due to “lack of funding.” This organization is not looking for a cure, and it takes advantage of well-intentioned people who mean to donate to cancer cure research, but instead donate to a CEO’s inflated salary. Then the org spends virtually no money on actual research, and a ton of money buying machines from huge pharmaceutical companies to diagnose more people with cancer. Which of course will mean more treatments with chemo and radiation. Rick Simpson and Christian Laurette were right folks! The Pink Ribbon “Race for the Cure” people are actually “Running from the Cure” and have been contacted numerous times about the effectiveness of the Cannabis Oil, and have refused to respond. It’s up to each of us to tell others about the cure – and not by wearing a pink ribbon, but by mentioning Cannabis…

I’d like to interrupt this diatribe of negativity by pointing out some positive things in Colorado’s new laws, including the ability for ordinary citizens to have 72 ounces of a liquid cannabis concentrate or extract, of which the Cannabis oil falls into the category of! So basically, you can have enough Phoenix Tears on you to empty out most hospitals children’s cancer wards, and it would be totally legal. Awesome!!  You wouldn’t make Big Pharma any money, but you would make some parents very happy – and eventually kids are not going to die from cancer anymore :-)

And on another positive note, a study has revealed high CBD inside a humans system can help them eliminate cigarette smoking. My first hand anecdotal evidence confirms the study findings: on my heavy CBD “Batch Two” Vitamin Cannabis Oil, I still smoke, but curse myself whilst I puff and the cigs are not as enjoyable. I’m trying to quit –maybe more CBD could give me the will to finally kick the habit!

Okay, back to the negative, as the pendulum swings both ways. The U.S. Federal government did not legalize industrial hemp as part of the farm bill like it was so close to doing, so it will be another year before Colorado growers can plant their ten acres without fear of federal persecution, but some are doing it anyways. The Feds did allow for universities in hemp legal states to begin research projects, which is cool. I have a feeling our colleges will be looking into non-flammable hempcrete for building houses in our very flammable forests.

In Florida, an outright ban on pipes has been passed, and a second offense carries automatic jail time. I’m not sure if this also covers apple bongs and pop can pipes, but I assume it does. Imagine getting jail time for a toilet paper roll pipe! Clearly some individuals are still lost in a daze of endocannabinoid deficiencies. There are a lot of seniors in FL, so soon enough the benefits of the plant will reach even them; although it may take longer, seeing what is happening now with Florida politicians…

On a final note, in the early days of Colorado as a state, people flocked to our mountains and hot springs to seek relief from tuberculosis, and many places catered to those seeking respite from ailment. Today in 2013 I am witnessing history repeat itself, as thousands of people are coming to Colorado to seek cannabis oil, cannabis edibles, and just plain cannabis, to ease their suffering, and the pains of their loved ones. It is beautiful to see so many seeking to make their homes here. I can tell you from having seen 37 of 50 states, Colorado has something special, and our laws are only part of it. Our people, our spirits and souls all thrive on Rocky Mountain air and water. There is something here radiating positive energy, and it is being felt the world over, and drawing kindred spirits here, to take their rightful role, in the cannabis revolution.

I send some of that positive energy to you now~

Thanks for coming with me on this journey~

Happy 4th of July 2013- Capn Cannabis

Howdy readers!

A jolly time we are having in Colorado’s Wild Wild West. So good in fact, that “High Times” Magazine, and all Cannabis based print media, has been labeled as “Porn” by the Colorado legislature, and must be kept behind newsstand counters. Kush magazine used to be free at 7-11; High Times used to be visible up front. Now I can’t even find them most places. But weed stories are on the news almost every night. Crazy times…UPDATE: Colorado has just thrown out this law and my nug porn will return to normal places J

I was sent a link to an Italian Government sponsored study on “Future Cannabis Medications” that cited Rick Simpson’s method twenty times! I want to emphasize, the study does not focus on if Phoenix Tears Cannabis Oil works, but on what the best way to extract the cannabinoids from cannabis is. People in the world know it works! Is Naphtha really best, as Rick has always said? Check out the study results for yourself at the link at the bottom of this post/e-mail. I have said before Rick Simpson will win a Nobel Prize for re-releasing the phoenix tears formula. If he keeps getting cited by official government studies like Italy’s, it is going to happen. And he deserves it, I might add!

Speaking of Rick Simpson, he looks incredibly young, vibrant, and healthy in the movie American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny, by Kevin Booth. I saw the film at Cherry Creek Mall Cinema in Denver, a rare pot event in upscale Cherry Creek, but it was great to see it on the big screen. Did you know there are no cannabinoid receptors in the part of the brain stem where breathing and cardiovascular function is controlled (medulla oblongata), and that is why it’s impossible to overdose and die on cannabis? Its information like this, along with Cash Hyde’s incredible story, that make me say everyone should see this movie. Prohibition is going by the wayside, and its films like Kevin’s that will help push it into the fire. I spark one up for Cannabis Destiny – go see it!!

A study in Israel also determined Cannabis is effective in protecting the brain both before and after traumatic brain injuries. There seems to very little this plant is not effective at. Treating dogs can be another use of Cannabis, a veterinarian in CA reports. I have seen this and can verify the effects of the oil on dogs can be as amazing as on people, and it usually takes less oil. Another web posting describes Mango’s and its ingredient Myrcene, and their effect on “getting high” with cannabis. Reportedly the mango extract can make the high “higher” if used an hour before, and can lengthen the high if used while already high. Mango in the raw may be even better than the extract. Mango Smoothie, anyone?

In local Colorado news, Rev. Brandon Baker of the THC Ministry, which put on my film premiere in Denver and subsequent screening in Colorado Springs, is suing the State of Colorado for the illegality of the blood draws in the new THC DUI law. I applaud Rev. Baker for his efforts, and would like to add Olympic athletes can win Gold medals and have 149 nanograms of THC per ML of blood, but in Colorado we are considered “impaired” at only 5. That doesn’t make much sense – the limit should be much higher or determined on a person’s actual roadside sobriety and ability to drive a vehicle. Let alone the issue of a cop forcing you to a hospital to have your blood drawn and its blatant unconstitutionality. The law will probably stay on the books, though…sad.

On a happier note: HEMP IS LEGALIZED IN COLORADO! As is recreational Cannabis, of course. But all Colorado residents can apply for a permit to grow 10 acres of industrial Hemp. I’m gonna try and do it :-) I was able to be in the Governor’s office for the signing of the Hemp Production act in Colorado, and a video of the event can be viewed below. I also did a short “History of Hemp: Hemp for Victory!” Video documenting how hemp became legal in our state. A third video released the past month also shows the complete press conference and signing of our recreational marijuana regulation bill, which will allow pot shops to open in Colorado in January of 2014, and sell to anyone 21 or over. It’s gonna be awesome :-)

We also have a special “Batch Two” of Vitamin Cannabis with a much higher CBD content, and it is wonderful to be in a position to have such a blessed medicine. Fight for your Cannabis rights, folks – it will mean the world to you in the future!


Positive thoughts your way
– Capn Cannabis June 2013


Italian Government Cannabis Medicine Study Citing Rick Simpson’s Method


Mango Terpinoid Gets You Higher


Hemp 4 Victory! Hemp legal in Colorado! Video


Hemp History Video


Recreational Marijuana Signed into Law Video


Hello everyone- I hope your flowers are in bloom and some THC/CBD per day is keeping the Doctor’s away. :-)

I was visited by Lady Harlequin and CBD Bill the other day, and I posted a video of it you can watch here:

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

CBD Bill has a lot of great information about Cannabidiol, which may be the glue that sticks us together as it relates to the endocannabinoid system. Bill will also give you a cutting of his CBD heavy strain Harlequin if you contact him at the e-mail address in the video. It’s awesome to see people with incredible plant knowledge coming to Colorado to share what they know, which can benefit us all. I hope to continue to bring you videos through my YouTube that contain rare people and plants. If you listen close, CBD Bill imparts vast knowledge. Let’s prove this cannabis panacea cure-all, get cured, never get disease, live 150 years, and go to space. It’s a fun message, and entirely possible with Cannabis. :-)

In local Colorado Cannabis news, our Governor will sign into law the legislatures Amendment 64 (marijuana legalization) implementation bills, and also legalize industrial hemp, on Tuesday at the Colorado State Capital. It’s sure to be a historic signing – and I’m proud of our state, and her people. Legal hemp and somewhat legal cannabis with THC – wow! There was a time we all thought it would be California that legalized first. Now I get to watch history happen here in my state – incredible! Don’t worry, I’m sure your next, Cali!

In Global Cannabis News, the International Olympic Committee has decided to increase the amount of THC allowed in an athletes’ blood without disqualifying him to 150 nanograms of THC per 1 milliliter of blood. So athletes can win a Gold medal as the best in the world at something with 149 nanograms of THC per ML of blood in their system, but Colorado said I can’t drive with more than 5 nanograms of THC per ML of blood or I can get a THC DUI. Good for the IOC for recognizing THC in the system does not mean impairment, and as CBD Bill points out in the interview, THC and CBD at a 1:1 ratio would mean the impossibility of being high, no matter what the levels, but a user might feel tired. I think a THC DUI level set at 150 nanograms is a lot more fair and reasonable than 5. Ridiculous… It’s going to take some time to work all this out…

I’d also like remind Denver-ites to RSVP to American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny- a film by Kevin Booth of Sacred Cow. I have seen the film, and it is amazing!  A must see for oil makers, oil users, cannabis juicers, and all Cannabis advocates or consumers. Hemp Girl and I will be at the premiere in Cherry Creek on June 6th at 7:30 PM at AMC 8 – but you must buy tickets in advance to help make it happen. It will be an epic event, for sure, and you will leave changed, and empowered to do more for the movement and your own family. Reserve your tickets now at  for the Denver event, or look for a premiere in your area.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Big things are on the horizon – let’s ride the wave!

– Capn Cannabis


Hello everyone! I hope your February is going well! We are blessed with snow here in Denver, which brings a calming cold to all events. It’s still been lively, though, and here are the “high”lights. :-)

A Denver “Head” Shop, which is a pipe seller/bong seller, but is also a place where you still cannot say the word “bong,” has started a promotion where any Colorado resident 21 years of age and up can purchase $30 worth of pipes from the head shop, and receive 2 grams of Cannabis, as a “gift” from the shop. For how long prohibitionists have been shoving stupid stuff down our throats, I’m glad to see all these “problems” arising for them. The front page of the Denver post reported about this head shop and its “free gifts” and craigslist ads specifically NOT selling pot, but accepting donations or selling you another product and then “gifting” you the weed. I love it, and what’s wrong with it? I can go to wine tasting or booze tasting events at liquor stores, and I have also been the recipient of countless free drinks “gifted” to me by liquor promoters at bars. I don’t see any harm with getting two grams of cannabis to go into the pipes you just bought, in fact, I think it’s pretty awesome. And it’s front page news in Denver, as people who say “I think the voters didn’t meant for this” realize the intelligent citizens of Colorado specifically did vote for this, now go get your two pipes and free gift. :-)

Speaking of people who think the voters of Colorado are idiots, one Dr. Thurstone, an anti-pot zealot, thinks Colorado citizens “didn’t know what they were voting for.” He disagrees with pot’s legality and wrote an op-ed piece for our newspaper, which I read online. It was disgusting how much disdain he has for pot and pot users, but he auto linked into his hate filled essay an announcement for the 1st American Cannabis Cup that will be taking place in Denver. I clicked on it and was taken to a page to buy tickets to the cup, which I promptly did! I have been the past two years, but this year they will have an area that anyone 21+ can smoke in, a change from the “red card tent” of the past two years, and I’m expecting the best event ever!!  I will still be attending Denver’s Ken Gorman memorial 420 Marijuana Legalization rally in Civic Center Park on 4-20 (Sat.), but I’ll be at the High Times Cup on Sunday 4-21 if anyone wants to smoke a bowl with me. :-)

In other Colorado pot news- the legislature delayed the THC DUI hearing, but we are all still seeing they will set the limit at 5 nanograms per ml of blood, but hopefully they will allow people to defend themselves in a jury trial instead of presumptive guilt. That’s the best option we can hope for at this point. I’m not happy about it- but sometimes we need to compromise. There is a point where inexperienced drivers/cannabis users could reach a level of highness where they should not drive. It takes a while to get to and many, many people could be at the same level and be fine, but a law on the books isn’t going to affect most people unless they are obviously intoxicated or dickish to the cops when pulled over. Bottom line is this- make sure you could pass a roadside sobriety test in front of a police cruisers dash cam if you are driving after smoking, and even if the cop THC/DUI’s you, you could hire a lawyer, go in front of a jury, and get it thrown out.

Unless of course, you are in Greenwood Village- in which case don’t even have pot on you while driving in that town. GV’s idiotic city council passed an ordinance, regardless of the state constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana, that ALL CANNABIS is illegal on Greenwood Village city streets and sidewalks. This city is full of rich pricks and their cops are known assholes, so I’m not surprised by the move- but c’mon Greenwood. So I can legally buy cannabis in Denver and take it legally on a road trip to my friends in Castle Rock, but as I pass through your little town, I’m suddenly illegal. Yeah right! A big “Shame on you” to GV for banning the cancer cure on their streets and sidewalks- and a word of advice to all cannabis consumers- stay out of GV and avoid the concert venue in that city- we have heard many reports of undercover cops busting ordinary joint smokers at concerts where joint smoking would be expected.

More CO legislating marijuana news – they also discussed limiting pot edibles to 10 mg doses (I hope not as it would mean my C class pills could not be sold) and banning tourists from purchasing pot (I also hope this does not pass, this is just unfair- Cannabis tourism would be awesome and way better than the liquor tourism we currently have.) The legislature also determined that if a law enforcement official encounters your grow and you have more than the legally allowed 6 plants- they are authorized to kill on the spot the 7th plant. The Cheesecake lady at least got them to declare it to be the “smallest, least mature plant” that is set for death. They also set it up so if you have a grow and they think it’s illegal and they bust you, then it turns out it wasn’t illegal, they don’t have to pay you for your pot and they will destroy it. Again, wasted time destroying a medicine that could really help people. All in the name of prohibition. Crazy times- but at least we are at this step- many states and places still have zero tolerance- and in Colorado we are talking about how much cannabis is okay.

Also in Colorado, a news report goes out stating that people are buying weed for $2500 a pound (or less) in Colorado (BTW- it’s not great stuff it’s just good- the great stuff is still $3k to $4k a lb) and selling it in Wyoming for $5,000 a pound. This news reporter got bad information. Perhaps one sale occurred like that, but the dude in WY got ripped off. People who know nothing about Cannabis or growing see that report and think pot growers are all Escalade driving drug dealing gang bangers, and it’s just not true. Most of the growers I know just make enough to keep living, keep paying rent  & power, and keep growing, because that’s what they love to do. Most do not make tens of thousands of dollars in profit, they make a few grand spread out over the course of growing cycles. And with nutrient costs, power costs, and all the other costs that go with it, often times they just break even or make a little bit more if they had a good harvest.  I’d like to see more small time mom and pop grows done right- they produce the best pot the most organically, and we all need that in the end.

Speaking of the end, and more specifically NDE’s (Near Death Experiences)- I have been reading a book called “Proof of Heaven” about a neurosurgeon who was in a coma, literally brain dead, for 7 days, then woke up and is fine now. He did not believe in god, and having been a neurosurgeon he had experienced other patients dying who had NDE’s and “saw god” and what happens after you die. He had always written these experiences off as “just the brain softening the blow of death with fantasies” until he had his own NDE. Dr. Eben Alexander’s book is amazing, but the part I found most fascinating was the description of the initial place he went to first in the coma- a place where colored earthworm type creatures burrowed below him, and angels with wings hovered above him singing. This NDE experience, along with seeing a light at the end of a tunnel and lost family members, is common, except for the earthworm part. I found this amazing as the colored earthworms are exactly what patient Z described to me during his THC “trip”, where he was hallucinating on cannabis oil, or so we thought…Perhaps patient Z was seeing the first stage of the afterlife- as Eben Alexander did, and describes in his book. Perhaps there are angels watching over all of us…

My condolences to the man in Vancouver, Island Canada, who won an all-expenses paid trip to the super bowl in New Orleans from Bud light Canada. When he went to go to the super bowl, he was denied entry into the United States because of a 2 gram cannabis bust from 32 years ago in 1980. Damn. That sucks. Is it ironic the contest was from an alcohol maker? I never can tell-

Positive thoughts and energy to everyone who read this far- viva la evolucion- viva la oil!

Kyle Marsh/ Capn Cannabis

P.S. We have good info for skin cancer batches to not heat the oil- just use the mix before heating it and the paper towel method can be effective, especially if you leave in more alcohol. And for those of you with CBD strains you can find out which cancers to use CBD oil on by googling “CBD” and the specific cancer you are trying to treat. It’s all theory and limited practice- but it’s something to go off of. I’m here for you all- feel free to ask anything. Best of luck!~