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Howdy Folks- from the Wild Wild West city of Denver!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update, so here is what’s been happening!

The Cannabis Cup in Denver was denied a permit to hold its event here :-( So sad!! The backlash against cannabis has begun here in Colorado- including a SMART (ironically named anti-marijuana organization) group’s underhanded attempt to make 16% the maximum for pot potency in Denver- which would be horseshit- considering most strains in Denver are in the 20% and up range. I’m sad the cup won’t be here this year, but am glad the potency cap did not survive legislation. An attempt to limit new cannabusiness was stopped then brought up again-the limit set at 420 (I know- they pulled that number out of their asses)- and most likely will be passed later this week- so more business will be blocked out of competing with the marijuana monopolies currently operating our legal market here. In the Green constitutional market here (Read: Private Caregivers) MAJOR POT BUSTS of grow houses in residential neighborhoods shipping pounds of pot out of state have people a little rattled pre 4-20 all over Colorado. They were all out-of-staters who moved here to grow 400 plants in residential houses and then ship the weed out of state. Over 50 grow houses from Southern Colorado to Denver were targeted. The authorities call them “PIRATE GROWS” (ARR!!)- and all but one of the growers had wooden peg legs…

In the most positive and promising news we’ve had in a while, GW Pharmaceuticals tested positively the CBD medicine on children with seizures- and it worked in nearly 40% of the kids right away. That’s excellent news and more proof that what Rick Simpson and others said about cannabis oil is the truth: that it cures a myriad of ailments that other medicines simply can’t. I’m most thankful that these kids, previously incurable, are getting the relief that they need. This is all thanks to Rick Simpson and others who have promoted the Cannabis Oil as a remedy for children first. I’m proud of the movement when I see stories like this- and it’s just the tip of the iceberg folks- the cannabis kills cancer story will eventually be revealed- and will sink the mighty unsinkable cancer industry- which promotes death above healing. It’s even led to some grumbling that medical cannabis dispensaries may suffer when the medicine is FDA approved and released, but, to me, anything that helps kids with seizures stop having seizures is a win for the child and their family. Go Cannabis Medicines!!

The Canna-Industry in Colorado is a real job producer- now surpassing 28,000 new jobs created- and that counts only jobs directly involved in Cannabis production requiring a state badge. Ridiculously awesome!! Soon Hemp jobs and ancillary industry jobs will be counted and the whole Cannabis Sector will display its mighty force. With over a Billion dollars in sales now- it’s been a fantastic growth opportunity for people- and it’s wonderful to see!! I’d like to congratulate anyone involved with the Canna-industry- Great Job Folks! You are showing the world how great the Cannabis plant really is for us human beings…:-)

Folks, I will be attending the one true 420 political rally here in Denver- the one that CAN NEVER be cancelled by snow!! The one where all us like-minded people get together and protest the ridiculous cannabis laws by practicing safe civil disobedience in front of the Colorado State Capital- by sparking up a marijuana pipe, bowl, or joint at 4:20 PM in solidarity. It was these rallies, started by the late great KEN GORMAN- that pushed us towards legalization in the first place!! The concerts and fun time in the park came later, and not always on 4-20. This year, Mother Nature cancelled the concert party so the true political activism can shine on the real 4-20 holiday. If you are in Denver- head on out to the capital- make sure you are there at 4:20pm. It’s gonna be great this year :-)

Have a wonderful, happy, safe 4-20-2016 folks!! Much love and positive thoughts your way- Capn Cannabis
April 20th 2016

P.S. To see a fantastic pictorial history of the 420 rally- Kim Sidwell of Cannabis Camera has put together a great piece I have linked to here:

Holy Sand & “Secrets of Saturn”

Folks, my family and I have stepped on Hallowed Ground: the Sand Dunes in Colorado. The holy sands beneath our feet- I felt connected to the earth spirits, the human spirits, the energy we call God. I shall return there as soon as possible…

On my trip through southern Colorado, I saw millions of trees in the San Juan forest. I stepped in thousand year old houses in Mesa Verde. I saw the stars above me with minimal ambient light to block them. I needed to see a million trees in one glance and step where the ancients walked. A doe and her fawn stopped by the Apple Orchard house we rented to snack on apples- while my kids watched in amazement. We saw buffalo, cows, deer, turkeys, and… alligators. All in southwestern Colorado.

Whether it be Cannabis Legality, or the geo-engineering of the weather, geomagnetic pole shift- (I’ve heard many reasons stated while ubering newbies around) the city of Denver is now becoming a “Transplant City” with only rich out-of-towners able to afford to live here. It’s becoming so bad shirts are being printed urging people to enjoy our legal weed- then get the fuck out. Traffic is now so bad you can’t get across the town anymore, and rush hour is now a full time thing on some streets.

People who have lived in Colorado all their lives know our secrets; that our state has more beauty in it than just the mile high city on the plains. So now I would like to urge anyone planning on moving to our state to AVOID THE CITY OF DENVER ENTIRELY- and look to other areas to live- as the influx of people is already straining the city. Hate to say it people, but, as of August 2015, the city of Denver is no longer the “Safe city” for the pole shift- I would advise all refugees to look to less expensive, less populated areas of the state to find refuge. And if you go near the Sand Dunes & Mountains, you’ll see a wonderful scene of nature every day of your life.

I realize this has very little to do with pot (and this is a pot newsletter) so I’ll get to it shortly; I just wanted to express how much it meant to see some natural beauty again- what God has created- which dwarfs even the most magnificent man can do. If you haven’t taken the time to go to nature in a while- I urge you to do so- urgently.

Okay, so here we go-

In Cannabis news, the dominoes continue to set themselves up to fall-Ohio is next to vote on legality in November- good luck guys & gals!

Some states are taking steps backwards and forwards at the same time- Like Wyoming legalizing cannabis edibles (momentarily) via a judge throwing out a court case involving edibles because it turned out they weren’t explicitly banned under Wyoming law. The legislature is working feverishly to correct this problem, but possessing Cannabis Edibles is currently not prohibited by Wyo laws. So enjoy for a few days folks!

Other states continue to lead the way in being assholes. Like Kansas for messing with Shona Banda, and Arizona for using tanks to bust legal cannabis grows for extremely sick people. To daily marijuana users in these states- I urge you to flee and join the marijuana refugees in compassionate states. It’s better than the cops busting down your door with a tank: over a plant. One step forward…two steps back.

Folks, I was given a rare opportunity to talk about my experience, and, specifically the week that led to Colorado’s legalizing marijuana- when the Feds were preparing to shut down Colorado’s entire medical marijuana system over non-enforcement by the state- a THC testing lab was raided, and two jackasses were planning a protest at a hospital for children- demanding the opportunity to treat sick and dying children with a new medicine- “Phoenix Tears.” That protest never took place- but Marijuana legality did. I talk about it all, and why the phoenix tears medicine really still isn’t available from legal cannabis shops in Colorado, on an hour and a half long show called “Secrets of Saturn” with Jason Lindgren and guest Russel Blattberg- which you can find linked to here:,

I’d like to thank Jason and Russ for giving me a chance to tell my story- which really hasn’t been told since my book has been continually delayed in getting out to the public at large. When it is released, the entire story will be told- but it was nice to get off my chest some of the things that occurred prior to the international sensation that is Cannabis legality in Colorado. I played a small role in all of this- but if you’d like to know how a jackass like myself got into the Governor’s office to witness him legalizing- give it a listen while trimming some herb. It’s still a story I can’t believe I lived through- and I know I’m blessed to have experienced. Give the interview a listen- and go on that journey with me please!

From Denver, wishing I was in the Sand Dunes,

Kyle Marsh
Capn Cannabis
September 2015

1,000 Patents, $6 each, & 4 Grams a day!

Howdy Folks! Let’s get right to it this month- time is short!

I am massively enjoying my new specialty blends of THC/CBD Cannabis oil! I made a C4 pill the other day with 500 MG of CBD and 500 MG of THC- and I had a pain free blast! I strongly recommend to others blending THC and CBD- though I am still partial to the heavy THC blends. I am truly blessed to be in Colorado- the new Amsterdam- where I can enjoy such wonderful medicine! And although a new “Caregiver Crackdown” bill was signed into law here, it really doesn’t affect me at all and, in fact, might restore my right to access the Cannabinoid/Terpenoid testing facilities we have here- which is exciting! Although, I am damn good at figuring out what’s in my oil for my own consumption- for patients- especially children- it’s imperative they get good accurately dosed medicine. The fact that it’s now legal for a parent to give that child the medicine on school grounds (provided the school board approves) and we now have a legal way to eliminate most forms of severe epilepsy and start making a dent on autism here in our state. Right on!!

I’d like to take a moment to point out, though, that I had my right to test for cannabinoid content in my oil revoked by the state (as did everyone else)- and I always wondered why they would do that…considering it really was children and severely ill patients it was affecting the most? I got my answer- in the now 1,000 or more cannabinoid patents registered. It started with the 1st in the 90’s (6630507), then up to 30 by the time my film was released. Then it went over 70, then 100— and I lost track. As of this writing- there are over 1,000 patents on elements of the cannabis plant. If you want to make a CBD gum and release it to market, you will be sued by the patent owner for infringement. Want to mix THC and CBN? It’s patented.  A skin care blend? Almost all variations and combinations patented. Add all the medicines that (combined with cannabis) are suddenly super effective (separate patents for cannabinoids mixed with other already patented pharma meds)- and we have ridiculous proof that cannabis is, has been, and always will be: a MEDICINAL PLANT! (Note: It’s a spiritual plant, too)

Now none of this matters if you are producing the medicine for yourself. But if you need to buy the medicine, you will have to get it from the patent holder. It has become clear that the reason I lost my testing rights was to give big pharma a 2 year head start to patent and identify all the cannabinoids, and their functions, before assholes like me could release anecdotal evidence of combinations working- and get out our own medicines based on what we learned. We know the phoenix tears works- my God we know that. We just don’t know which specific terpenoid/cannabinoid “Entourage Effect” medicine to give each specific disease, and that is what they needed time to research and patent. The fact that a true Alcohol extracted Phoenix Tears type oil is still not available on the commercial market- even in Colorado (CBD doesn’t count)- is at this point, BULLSHIT!!! All I can hope for is a sudden release of all these medicines rapidly- as I continue to help others make their own in the meantime.

On a “Marijuana Mom note: Shona Bonda is now facing serious charges in her home non-compassionate state of Kansas. Rick Simpson released a video in support of Shona Banda (before  formal charges were filed)- and you can watch the video here:

And see an article on her and a link to donate to her legal defense fund here:

Or buy her awesome book “Live Free or Die”which has been re-released on Amazon!

Shona is a true hero- standing up for what’s right- and teaching her kids to do the same. Let’s not let her story be another example of America’s police state. She is facing 30 years and will fight every angle.  It’s time Cannabis is legal everywhere, not just in our compassionate states. Shona has very little options at this point- short of Jury Nullification (which is a longshot unless an educated jury is present.) Please help if you can and Shona: hang in there- you have friends in the nearest big city who won’t let you fall too far. Keep the faith my fellow American Cannabis oil supporter- I am teaching my kids the same as you: the truth. We can’t give that up.

In  Colorado news- the state legislators gave themselves big fat pay raises right as the session was ending. Good for them! They might be giving us our Pot Refund cash after we vote them to give it back to us this November. (GOD I LOVE TABOR!) That’s right folks. Legality of Cannabis was so successful in Colorado this last year that every taxpayer will get money back- just from the pot taxes- and the schools were still funded.  Legalize that, bitches! Though I would support a “Pot for Potholes” bill if we’d spend some of that money fixing our damn roads! Here is the breakdown: if Colorado citizens vote YES, the state gets to keep $58 million in extra marijuana tax revenue- which they will give $40 million to Colorado schools- and $18 million to “other” budget expenses (I’m suspiscious of these “other” expenses). If we vote “NO”: the state will refund each taxpayer aprox. $6.10, and create a tax free holiday from January 1st 2016 to July 1st- where all Colorado ID carrying residents will pay no taxes on recreational pot purchases for those 6 months,  and they will also give $20 million dollars back to Marijuana wholesale grow businesses- who were unfairly “double dipped” on when they paid taxes twice when transfering pot from facility to facility. The state did a last second maneuver to avoid national headlines- if they didn’t refund the $20 million to the growers, each resident of Colorado would get back $50. That would garner national attention from ordinary people, and  politicians in broke areas everywhere would see regulated legalization and taxation works- and begin legalizing cannabis everywhere. I think that’s still going to happen anyways… but Cannabis legality has been incredibly successful in our state- and I’m extra proud to have been a part of it :-)

Lastly, TIME magazine and National Geographic magazine both have articles on the science behind medical marijuana this month. Hey mainstream media- way to catch up after bashing us for all those years! Assholes…

Extra lastly- we are seeing reports of patients taking up to 5 ML of Cannabis Oil daily for 8 months to beat serious cancers- which is more than 4 grams daily (a milliliter is not quite a full gram.) We have a patient currently on above 3 grams of the oil daily doing just fine- despite a stage 4 ovarian cancer diagnosis upwards of 5 years ago. God bless the oil!

And finally- the Colorado Supreme court ruled that a company’s firing of a disabled man for using medical marijuana off the clock was justified. It’s sad that 6 Supreme Court justices can’t see that it’s wrong to fire someone for using Cannabis- especially off the clock- and especially a person in a wheelchair. Six grown adults found that the company was in the right for terminating the employee- despite Colorado’s constitution (amendment 20) stating we have a right to use medical cannabis. Common sense seems so distant when adults make decisions siding with an invisible company policy- over a visible human being in front of them. Sad- but it’s baby steps until the feds legalize…and let’s hope that’s soon.

Positive vibrations your way,

Capn Cannabis
From the bustling, booming city of Denver
July 2015

Happy April 2015 everyone!!

So the events of 4-20 are over- and oh my! What a week it was! From the President being on Sanjay Gupta’s CNN doc Weed 3, to the High Times Cannabis Cup, to the Saturday 420 festival, to the political rally on actual 4-20-2015 on Monday- it was epic times in Colorado! I hope you had fun wherever you were this 420!!

On Saturday I visited the 420 Marijuana event in Civic Center park- it was well attended and I looked at cannabis wares from all over the country- including sea shell and sea urchin pipes, bamboo Gandalfs, and great glass pieces too unique to even try to describe! Devin the Dude played pot songs while people toked and shopped the booths, and a great time was had by all. On Sunday it was the High Times Cannabis Cup- which was epic in itself for people from out of state (the pot plants were placed in an area specifically to take photos with this year) but a memo from the MED (the pot cops) did put a damper on the event as no dispensaries were allowed to transfer their weed to their booths to give away- like they had in past years. So less free pot, but more vendors, giveaways, and great glass!

On Monday, the actual 4-20 day I took my camera to the capital building for the traditional political 420 rally and had a great time. The spirit of Ken Gorman was strong. I toked at the 4:20 pm moment and it was very uplifting for all of us who had been to rallies before legality, to see the beautiful thing legality has become in Colorado. I edited and just released the video from the event, please check it out here:

In major news that I actually saw talked about by Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie Perez on the View (Rosie Perez mentions the GVMT Patent on cannabis as a medicine- you go girl!), our activist friend, Shona Banda, is in some legal trouble causing national headlines. My fiancé and I met her and bought her wonderful book “Live Free or Die” (a great read- pick it up!) at the Denver “Vitamin Cannabis” premier here in Colorado.  Shona is also interviewed by Christian Laurette for the (hopefully) upcoming Run from the Cure 2 Movie “Run 2 the Cure” and is featured in the trailer:

In the non-compassionate state of Kansas, where Shona lives, her son was at school attending a DARE educational presentation made by a member of the police department. The officer apparently spouted some pretty severe horseshit comments about marijuana and Shona’s son, having seen marijuana medicine save her life, spoke up against the officer and offered his own version of the benefits of the cannabis plant to the students. This, for some reason, angered the officer- who detained the son and ordered a search of Shona’s home- where some cannabis and cannabis oil she uses as medicine was found. Her son was taken from her by Kansas authorities, and she is now facing felony charges and the loss of custody of her son permanently. All this because her son dared to speak the truth- and she lives about 50 miles east of the border to Colorado- where this all would have been laughed away. Shona’s legal defense has been funded above its current need- but if you want to donate still to her defense fund please do so here because this may be a key court case for patients’ rights nationwide:

We at the vitamin cannabis team wish Shona nothing but positive thoughts and the best outcome for her and her family in all this. Ironically- today in the paper- Colorado’s legislature has approved a bill that will allow schools and parents to administer marijuana medicines on school premises if it is doctor recommended. This fixes the problem of kids who need CBD and THC blends but whose parents are forced to pick them up and cross the street to give them their life saving and life enabling meds. So in Kansas they arrest a mother and take her child over cannabis. In Colorado- we give it to them in schools- and it works. Amazing the difference a few miles can make…

In more Colorado news, 60,000 pot plants are in “quarantine”- and some were “destroyed” (read: someone took them home but said they threw them away) in Denver over banned pesticide use. The warehouse grows are inundated with bugs- and it takes some serious pesticides and work to control them. Lazy growers have been using pesticides that are toxic to humans when the bud is smoked- only now is the city of Denver cracking down on it. Some of the nutrients/pesticides in question are not all that bad- some are downright toxic and never should be used. I’m glad the city is taking these steps to curb the bad players out, but it still hurts to see cannabis plants “destroyed.” If testing comes back negative for toxicity, the plants will be allowed to be sold. I’ll let ya know in a future newsletter…

And speaking of updates, the $100 million dollar lawsuit over the RSHO toxic test results is being settled and I watched the video of the lab owner explaining how the mistake was made. We’ll see more “apology” videos from other players in the debacle shortly. In other CBD news- Realm of Caring has their product “Charlotte’s oil” available on for the first time. A milestone for the group and it offers hope to those suffering in non-compassionate states. Though I will still state: grow your own if you can in a legal state’s setting- it’s the best way to ensure your supply of medicine doesn’t get interrupted.

Congratulations to all the CBD groups, Phoenix Tears groups, and 420 event planners and attenders who made this 4-20-2015 the greatest one for Cannabis ever!! I thank you for bringing a green tear to my eyes :-) We’re reclaiming the freedom that God gave us!

Blessings and positive thoughts and energy your way-

Capn Cannabis
Kyle Marsh
April 29th 2015

Hello, folks! This is the final newsletter before I visit the Cannabis Cup in Denver and Celebrate the 420 Holiday 2015. I’ll be attending the traditional 420 Rally on Saturday 4-18, the High Times Cannabis Cup on Sunday 4-19, and the old fashioned Political Rally at the Denver City Capital on the actual 4-20 Holiday. Denver is booming, folks; the housing market cannot catch up with the demand. People are moving here by the thousands. The Summer of the Love of Bud is on in Denver, and if you can be in the Mile High City that weekend, I would “highly” recommend it :-)

Rob Corry Jr., the Denver Marijuana Attorney Extraordinaire, has won another court case that the prosecutor wouldn’t even dare take to trial. It centers on the constitutional Amendment 20, which legalizes cannabis use in our state constitution, versus the Colorado state assembly drafted HB 1284, which creates super-constitutional regulatory laws on top of what the voters approved. The state has found, after millions of dollars in unsuccessful trials, that the citizens of Colorado- time and time again- when in a jury of 12- choose to side with the person growing the cannabis and not the state’s bullshit laws that were added later. The legislators and prosecutors continue to demean the citizens of our fine state by insisting we “didn’t know what we were doing” when we passed Amendment 20. But when it comes to jury trials they have lost every single one- and didn’t even take this one to a jury trial. It looks like we did know what we were doing- and by continuing to prosecute citizens on super constitutional laws- you spend tax payer dollars we would rather see go elsewhere. So stop it, please. Congratulations to Rob and his team for another victory in the war against cannabis prohibition that continues on despite what you may read in the papers and despite our “legality.”

The stories about the Cannabis Oil and its benefits, and CBD oil and its benefits, continue to expand through all forms of media. From a letter to the Editor in rolling stone, to radio podcasts now blasting the message, to small anecdotal reports creeping into major media. The patents and big pharma pills on the horizon also indicate a major shift in what information is allowed to seep into the mainstream thought and opinion machine. As of March and April 2015, we are starting to see major government agencies preparing to handle what is now being debated: the Rescheduling of marijuana in the drug code. But is it just hype?

From what I have witnessed, it could still go either way. There is one camp that says rescheduling is imminent- possibly even this month- because of several pending law suits that are tied up in the court system, which the rescheduling would eliminate. These include the lawsuit against Colorado by neighboring states and another suit by several of our own sheriffs who claim they are being forced to violate federal law by ignoring cannabis violations they see now on a daily basis. There is also a case in California where a judge has the power to send the rescheduling issue all the way to the Supreme Court, who could ignore it. It gets pretty complicated, but those who see rescheduling happening in the next few months point to these court issues, and banking and IRS reversals on dealings with canna-businesses- that a change is about to happen.

On the flip side, the big pharmaceutical companies could use their might to overrule ambitious de-regulators and continue to use the scheduling of marijuana as a buffer against competition. By running cannabis based medicine trials in places like Israel, the UK, and Spain, they can determine potency and side effects while American companies are restricted from all but anecdotal research. Rescheduling opens up the field to competition from a lot of cannabis based suppliers- and if there is one thing big industries don’t like, it’s fair competition. The “Perfect Corporation” I call out in my film could still delay for years the rescheduling of cannabis.

So as it stands- I’m hopeful we’ll get a 4/20 gift- and the talk about rescheduling will swell into action. But the wiser, older part of me who has seen this all go down, says it still could be 2 years away and not to get my hopes up. I don’t think writing letters to legislators will help- it’s up to what big business wants. They may want rescheduling because of legal technicalities in the drug law they just can’t get around. Or they may use those same technicalities to keep competition away. It’s part of the canna-drama- as the wall of prohibition crumbles. There’s one thing I do know. That damn wall is being torn down :-)

On a shitty note- Fecal Transplants for people with c. diff who just can’t get rid of it are now becoming more common place. Yes, I mean taking someone else’s shit and having it enema’d into you. Apparently it’s a thousand year old practice (I’ll remind everyone Dr. Zubrynski used human and animal urine in treatments for over a decade before he was finally forced to stop)- but there are side effects that can be very bad- though the cure rate seems so far to be very good. I’m not judging the treatment, or people who are desperate for a cure when modern medical science can’t cure them (or in this case, most likely, gave them the c. diff)- but the FDA now approved a “Poop Pill” that is made from tested donor feces, which is then frozen and encapsulated. Don’t worry- you don’t swallow the pill- (unless you want to?) it’s dissolved into a liquid then gravity drained into your rectum.

I’m only bringing this up to point out the BULLSHIT that is the fact that the FDA would never approve cannabis in a pill form- but they’ll approve a literal shit pill. I’m laughing and crying at the same time- I just can’t explain how this works anymore without launching into a rant about hypocrisy in our laws regarding “medicine.” And don’t get me started on the infringement upon religious substances currently banned- in favor of intoxicants that produce no spiritual experience whatsoever. But that’s a rant for another day, and another newsletter, and a separate meeting down by the docks…in the meantime-

I’m wishing you the most positive energy filled 4-20 holiday experience possible. Take a toke to your freedom. And if Cannabis freedom isn’t the reality tunnel you are looking through- be an evolution agent- and create your own reality tunnel- by moving to a compassionate state- or enacting change where you live. Change happened in Colorado- and it’s glorious. The green god shines down upon us all- as we grow the cannabis plant— everywhere. HAPPY 4-20!!

Live wise and humbly my friends,
Capn Cannabis
March 31st 2015

P.S. This year I will be taking two tokes 4-20 weekend in Denver to commemorate the lives of two great heroes, who are no longer with us. They would have loved to see the brilliance Cannabis legality really is in Colorado. So one toke to the late great Ken Gorman “Governor Pothead”, and another long toke to the immeasurable legend Jack Herer. I’m also celebrating 4-20 for two other Cannabis heroes who are still with us: Rick Simpson and Christian Laurette. Guys- I may be one of a handful of people who know that information you spread freely, at the perfect time, tipped the scales in favor of regulated legality of cannabis in Colorado instead of a clampdown that would have nipped it in the bud. For that, I’ll take tokes for you this 4-20, too. 😉

Viva la evolucion! – Kyle Marsh


Hello my loyal readers!!

Please know I value each and every one of you and when it gets late in the month and I realize I haven’t put out the newsletter something in me stirs, very violently forces all other important items from my schedule, and allows me the time to communicate with you. This tells me that even though I am aware of our very small reach, I know that somehow the people who need to know pass it on in this ever expanding informational revolution. I thank you for allowing me to reach you in this dying form of written word. I may be telepathically communicating with you in the current or near future… :-)

So it’s cold out there….everywhere!! And it has nothing to do with the Pole Shift, Two suns in the sky, Planet X, Wormwood, or Hercobulus approaching rapidly…Yeah right!! I’ve been watching this story for a year now, and if what I just mentioned is new to you, don’t be alarmed, just don’t make any plans for longer than 4 years from now! If you laugh, that’s a good sign. If you are terrified, please don’t be. I have kids and I’m not worried at all. There clearly is something more to this life than just the act of being alive. I truly believe our interactions, our love, and our energy is what makes this life anything other than a bitter struggle for survival. Which I’ll remind everyone: we lose in the end…or do we?

I would encourage everyone to read Atul Gawande’s remarkable book “Being Mortal.” It is not a metaphysical hippie book, the man is a doctor who watched people die of disease. He realized that even though, as a surgeon, sometimes he could do a risky surgery and extend a patient’s life, sometimes it wasn’t worth doing it. The pain in the last months of the patients’ lives were sometimes worse than not doing surgery. He chose to wait for surgery for his father – who had a tumor in his spine for 4 years before it gave him too many problems. If he had the surgery immediately, he may have not had those valuable 4 years. Everyone in the Phoenix Tears community needs to read this book and realize we are not “faith healers”, “Mystics”, or even “Herbalists.” We are “Palliative Care Specialists” who happen to have the Templar secret of the Holy Cannabis Oil we call Phoenix Tears.

I deal with patients every day, including one today, who are battling for their lives using every available tool. I have one patient who has been surviving in the most unlikely of statistical categories for 5 years using cannabis oil and has just been told a “Solid Tumor” is growing again. Today we talked about how fast it is growing, and I encouraged her to weigh all of the options. “Growth” can mean many things in the medical world. She showed remarkable strength in the face of this crisis and I realized that by talking together we would make the best choices about her care that would provide her the best quality of life. It’s not just about the cannabis oil, or the chemo, or the new experimental drug. Sometimes it’s about listening to your patients and setting small attainable goals. Making it to a grandchild’s concert is much more important than living 3 more months in absolute misery because a surgery or treatment failed, when doing nothing would have allowed that patient to make it to little Jamie’s recital. Just because a doctor says we need to do surgery now does not mean you need to; it’s up to the patient to weigh the risks and the rewards. I would encourage all my fellow healers out there to read Gawande’s book and take more time studying palliative care techniques, to avoid emotional burnout or what’s called “compassion fatigue.”

Remember folks…you are all beautiful and you are totally loved, and this lifetime does not last forever. It’s what we do with our limited time that really matters…not how much time we end up having.

Onto positive time-use, Washington D.C. fights to enact their legalization, but Alaska just legalized marijuana officially a couple hours ago!! They join Colorado and Washington State in the “Trinity of Truth” states who recognize cannabis as a valuable plant. Congratulations, Alaskanite’s! Enjoy your days of Sunshine and no snow (See: Geomagnetic Pole Shift mentioned earlier, the alien stuff is the most entertaining and seemingly accurate stuff to read if you do look it up :-)).

I would also like to report on the “Death of the Red Card” as I was surprised to get a flimsy plastic Purple card in the mail from the State instead of my usual Tri-Fold heavy paper “Red Card” indicating my medical marijuana status in Colorado. It’s a harbinger that the state is trying to eliminate medical marijuana; though with 118,000 patients on the registry and the law in our state constitution it will be mighty tough.  I don’t foresee medical marijuana going away in our state ever, until we aren’t a state anymore, but medical shops may soon be converting to recreational only and my crappy purple medical marijuana card may be a bad harbinger for medical marijuana in the state.

One last thing: I received a thick envelope in the mail from an insurance company the other day and instead of the usual life insurance offers, it was an offer for “Cancer Insurance” and had very scary statistics about how many of us Americans get cancer (1/2), the cost of treatments (one treatment: $20,000), and what I could do to protect myself (nothing). It offered a very specific cancer only policy for a discounted rate and they wouldn’t even ask if I smoked! I felt like sending it back with a copy of “Run from the Cure”, but saved it instead to mention in this newsletter. I have my own damn cancer insurance. It’s called Phoenix Tears. Right now it’s the only insurance I need.


Stay Warm out there, it’s almost time for 4-20!!
Much love and positive thoughts to you and yours-
Kyle Marsh


P.S. We are considering starting a new non-profit to begin tracking everyone who has taken more than 10 grams of the oil called “Project Anecdotal”. We need to know the success rates (percentages) for each and all of the more than 400 cancers, and other diseases as well. If you have taken 10 grams or know someone who has please download and take the time to fill out this lengthy questionnaire- and send it back to us at We will share the results when our website launched or in newsletter form in the following months. It’s time to add up the stats, folks, if you can help with that in any, way please do it now! We really appreciate it! :-)

Click to download the PDF version or the DOCX version (Microsoft Word).


Folks, 60 Minutes just did a special segment on Colorado’s first year of marijuana legality and they announced “The Sky hasn’t fallen.” In fact, our violent crime is down, road fatalities down, and even burglaries are down. Meanwhile, our economy is up… way up! The Ski resorts reported their best year ever, the economy was ranked #1 in the nation, and our #1 problem now is affordable housing for the thousands of people moving here. If San Francisco was a mecca in the 1960’s, Denver is the new city of hope and promise for both Marijuana Refugees seeking medicine, and the smartest and brightest of the up and coming generation, who have moved here for jobs and acceptance of their cannabis associated, or “plant based”, lifestyle. It’s going to be the Summer of the Love of Bud this year in the Mile High City. Won’t you join us for the Evolution? Come participate in the THC Test and Celebration :-)

But there are some Debbie Downers in the bunch, like the states of Oklahoma and Nebraska whose DA’s have chosen to sue the state of Colorado for our cannabis legality and the supposed problems it’s causing for the neighboring states. Personally, I think it’s a ridiculous lawsuit, and apparently so does a Republican State’s Rights supporting State Senator from one of the states, who has promised to join Colorado’s side if it goes to court. It’s hysterically funny. And John Suthers – a former enemy of cannabis – will now represent our state in the lawsuit and defend my right to use Cannabis. Ha Ha!! The prohibitionists used to rain shit down upon me and my band of cannabis merry makers; now the shit is being rained on them, as their fortress of bullshit collapses and I get to watch, while legally toking cannabis!

But Speaking of John Suthers, Colorado’s AG is going after a butane hash maker who blew up his house making shatter (wax, dabs) and is claiming he was making Cannabis Oil. Constitutionally I’m on the oil guy’s side, but I’m not in favor of butane hash oil and it certainly is not the same thing as Phoenix Tears, or my Vitamin Cannabis oil – which is made with ALCOHOL. The City of Denver legally recognizes her citizens’ right to make the oil in small batches using Alcohol, which will not blow up as easily as butane. But now, due to a comma written into the bill, John Suthers is arguing that all cannabis oil production is banned, regardless of method and cutting agents used. If he’s found right, it makes the Denver ordinance null and void because cannabis oil would become illegal on the state level.

Now I pray this doesn’t happen (so do thousands of refugees moving here just so they can legally make cannabis oil), and there is another bill in the state house that will attempt to make oil production illegal again. If it passes it will go to court again when an everclear oil manufacturer goes to a jury trial. It is ridiculous that even after legality I’m still facing the loss of my rights to make cannabis oil out of cannabis I grow myself. That’s the only way I can control the quality and to force me to buy it from a shop is ridiculous, monopolistic, and immoral. But, like I was famously told by the man implementing the laws, “Regardless of Morals, I have a business to run.” Those laws benefit big business, not patients or people. To make laws to prevent sick people from getting medicine from anyone is insane.

Lastly, the 2015 420 Rally in Denver will be on Saturday 4-18 and Sunday 4-19 this year- as far as being an official city permitted event. Another rally and march will still take place on Monday 4-20, around the capital, but only this march/event will be unpermitted, and illegal; a spontaneous (though planned) “Gathering of the People”, and that is just how the event started! The 420 events I attended in the past were never permitted by the city and the cops allowed us to congregate, begrudgingly, and quickly moved us out of the park and made arrests numerous times. There were years with 200 people, and years with a couple thousand. After activist Ken Gorman’s death, the rally became a meeting point for the minds that would legalize cannabis in Colorado soon after, just as Ken had told me before he was killed. Legality of cannabis has been a blessing to many and it all went down just the way he said it would. Now, in 2015, one year into what can only be described as a smashing success to cannabis legality, to see the event unpermitted by the city and in true original form again, it brings a tear to my eye and you know damn well I’ll be at the capital in Denver on 4-20-2015 to celebrate Cannabis, Ken Gorman, and Colorado’s first strike victory in the war on the drug I love: Kaneh Bosm.

My family and I had a wonderful Christmas. We hope you all are having a wonderful start to your new year. Positive thoughts to you and yours,

Kyle Marsh
January 2015

P.S. In Ken’s honor, let me leave you with his favorite phrase: “Keep on Smokin’ them joints!”

Merry Cannabis Christmas To All Our Friends!

Merry Cannabis Christmas to all our friends…

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all from the Vitamin Cannabis Family :-)

8% & Tumor Help!

8% of the country now has legal weed!

Congratulations to the compassionate states of Oregon and Alaska for recognizing your citizens’ rights to this incredible plant! Cannabis should be legal everywhere immediately, but I’ll take these victories in the meantime. When my son was born pot was legal in 0% of the country; now at 3 years old we have 8%. It’s been an amazing journey and it’s not over yet!!

So would I want to become a rat murderer in order to further the cancer curing revolution we have ongoing right now?? The answer is a big “NO”, but believe me folks I would give tumors to rats right now in order to give them cannabis oil and see if we can eliminate the tumors. But we legally can’t do that so I’m asking my loyal readers for some help…

I currently have 3 patients with tumors right now. Patient J had stage 4 ovarian cancer, and now after nearly 5 years and over 120 grams of phoenix tears, her cancer has shrunk to barely a diagnosable stage 1, though the tumor is still inside her, and very hard. The doctors keep saying it looks like it’s growing and want to do more chemo, but over time we have seen the doctors are incorrect. Though the tumor remains stable in size, it isn’t growing very much (if at all) and ALL OF PATIENT J’s other numbers for normalcy in the body have returned to pre-cancer conditions! She can still feel the lump, but it is not painful, and it does not appear to be causing her any issues other than the doc’s continual insistence that they perform more chemo on it. She literally went from planning her funeral a few years ago, to planning her retirement this year…but we would like to see the tumor totally eliminated!

The second patient is a 55 pound dog with a giant tumor in her throat area that may or may not be cancerous. The Vet’s $3,000 surgery might clip an artery, so the dog’s owner was given a choice to try the surgery and if it didn’t go well, put the dog down or potentially have a year or two with a surgically affected animal who would not have been her usual K-9 self. The owner chose instead the unpresented option to try 15 grams of the high THC Phoenix Tears cannabis oil instead, and after 6 months we have seen the animal return to her puppy ways, including playing games she played as a puppy, and acting so happy and normal we felt sure the tumor was being eliminated. But it is not shrinking, instead it has just become hard and rock like. The dog is in no pain in the area, and is functioning quite normally. We have discussed our options, and other than rubbing on an alcohol based phoenix tears type tincture on the tumor area itself, we have only one other option: waiting for the dog’s quality of life to deteriorate to the point that we will risk directly injecting the cannabis oil into the tumor itself to see if that “breaks it up.”   One of many problems with this approach is that the dog’s quality of life is not deteriorating on the oil, so it may be a while before we make the injection attempt, and we would rather eliminate the tumor using another cannabinoid like CBD or CBG first and will do all else before considering direct injection.

The third patient is just in the beginning stages of a tumor treatment, and again the levels in the body are beginning to normalize and the patient seems to be doing well, but the tumor itself has not shrunk yet and it appears to be getting harder. Again, I will say that as long as these patients have been on the high potency THC cannabis oil, they will not die from the tumors, but the Vitamin Cannabis team and myself have made the realization, over 5 years of doing this, that we are 5% away from being able to totally cure cancer and the tumors associated with it. Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears Cannabis Oil medicine IS the Panacea he said it was, but we have learned the preparation and different cannabinoids in the oil does matter when we are dealing with difficult diseases.

So how can you help? I am asking for anyone with knowledge of tumor break ups to please contact me with what they have done; fail or succeed. I am also asking for advice on the injection of the cannabis oil into the tumor site in Patient K-9. Thirdly, there are articles and information online from the major pharmaceutical companies that another cannabinoid “CBG” or Cannabigirol, can serve as a tumor fighter. Is there anyone out there in the anecdotal world that has given a patient a heavy CBG or heavy CBD oil and seen a tumor break up?

Folks please remember Patient X’s story from the film. Eventually the tumor was shrunk to the point it could be cyber knifed out of the patient. If we can all come together and share our information, we can help each other and avoid waiting for the big pharm companies to patent, synthesize, and then release the meds on their own, which will take decades. Most of us don’t have decades to wait…

We ask for any information anyone may have regarding on site olive oil treatments of tumors, alcohol based or cream based treatments, CBD blends for tumors, and, if needed, direct injection advice. We will share the results with everyone!  When we figure out how to eliminate these hard tumors without surgery, we will all benefit from the knowledge. I can also not stress enough that these tumors do not kill the patient in the meantime as long as they continue on the cannabis oil. Any help anyone can provide we are thankful for and we are thankful just in general this year – for our lives, our friends and family, and the many canna-people we encounter everyday in our compassionate state of Colorado.

We hope you share the same thanks this holiday season,

Kyle Marsh
Capn Cannabis

P.S. Folks outside of America, I watched the amazing and honest documentary on Netflix “GMO OMG” and witnessed the rats develop giant tumors after eating the GMO products which are not allowed in most places outside the U.S. grip. In having discussed this with my American counterparts we have realized we are part of a giant horrific experiment in GMO’s and there is very little we can do to not consume GMO’s in this country without starving. Is it any coincidence that I am treating numerous tumors in people during this “experiment?” The perfect corporation is doing its best to make sure it survives and we don’t. We can’t let that happen folks…please watch the film and let me know what you think.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2014 from Capn Cannabis and the Vitamin Cannabis Team!