Posted April 2016

Howdy Folks- from the Wild Wild West city of Denver!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update, so here is what’s been happening!

The Cannabis Cup in Denver was denied a permit to hold its event here :-( So sad!! The backlash against cannabis has begun here in Colorado- including a SMART (ironically named anti-marijuana organization) group’s underhanded attempt to make 16% the maximum for pot potency in Denver- which would be horseshit- considering most strains in Denver are in the 20% and up range. I’m sad the cup won’t be here this year, but am glad the potency cap did not survive legislation. An attempt to limit new cannabusiness was stopped then brought up again-the limit set at 420 (I know- they pulled that number out of their asses)- and most likely will be passed later this week- so more business will be blocked out of competing with the marijuana monopolies currently operating our legal market here. In the Green constitutional market here (Read: Private Caregivers) MAJOR POT BUSTS of grow houses in residential neighborhoods shipping pounds of pot out of state have people a little rattled pre 4-20 all over Colorado. They were all out-of-staters who moved here to grow 400 plants in residential houses and then ship the weed out of state. Over 50 grow houses from Southern Colorado to Denver were targeted. The authorities call them “PIRATE GROWS” (ARR!!)- and all but one of the growers had wooden peg legs…

In the most positive and promising news we’ve had in a while, GW Pharmaceuticals tested positively the CBD medicine on children with seizures- and it worked in nearly 40% of the kids right away. That’s excellent news and more proof that what Rick Simpson and others said about cannabis oil is the truth: that it cures a myriad of ailments that other medicines simply can’t. I’m most thankful that these kids, previously incurable, are getting the relief that they need. This is all thanks to Rick Simpson and others who have promoted the Cannabis Oil as a remedy for children first. I’m proud of the movement when I see stories like this- and it’s just the tip of the iceberg folks- the cannabis kills cancer story will eventually be revealed- and will sink the mighty unsinkable cancer industry- which promotes death above healing. It’s even led to some grumbling that medical cannabis dispensaries may suffer when the medicine is FDA approved and released, but, to me, anything that helps kids with seizures stop having seizures is a win for the child and their family. Go Cannabis Medicines!!

The Canna-Industry in Colorado is a real job producer- now surpassing 28,000 new jobs created- and that counts only jobs directly involved in Cannabis production requiring a state badge. Ridiculously awesome!! Soon Hemp jobs and ancillary industry jobs will be counted and the whole Cannabis Sector will display its mighty force. With over a Billion dollars in sales now- it’s been a fantastic growth opportunity for people- and it’s wonderful to see!! I’d like to congratulate anyone involved with the Canna-industry- Great Job Folks! You are showing the world how great the Cannabis plant really is for us human beings…:-)

Folks, I will be attending the one true 420 political rally here in Denver- the one that CAN NEVER be cancelled by snow!! The one where all us like-minded people get together and protest the ridiculous cannabis laws by practicing safe civil disobedience in front of the Colorado State Capital- by sparking up a marijuana pipe, bowl, or joint at 4:20 PM in solidarity. It was these rallies, started by the late great KEN GORMAN- that pushed us towards legalization in the first place!! The concerts and fun time in the park came later, and not always on 4-20. This year, Mother Nature cancelled the concert party so the true political activism can shine on the real 4-20 holiday. If you are in Denver- head on out to the capital- make sure you are there at 4:20pm. It’s gonna be great this year :-)

Have a wonderful, happy, safe 4-20-2016 folks!! Much love and positive thoughts your way- Capn Cannabis
April 20th 2016

P.S. To see a fantastic pictorial history of the 420 rally- Kim Sidwell of Cannabis Camera has put together a great piece I have linked to here: