Posted September 2015

Holy Sand & “Secrets of Saturn”

Folks, my family and I have stepped on Hallowed Ground: the Sand Dunes in Colorado. The holy sands beneath our feet- I felt connected to the earth spirits, the human spirits, the energy we call God. I shall return there as soon as possible…

On my trip through southern Colorado, I saw millions of trees in the San Juan forest. I stepped in thousand year old houses in Mesa Verde. I saw the stars above me with minimal ambient light to block them. I needed to see a million trees in one glance and step where the ancients walked. A doe and her fawn stopped by the Apple Orchard house we rented to snack on apples- while my kids watched in amazement. We saw buffalo, cows, deer, turkeys, and… alligators. All in southwestern Colorado.

Whether it be Cannabis Legality, or the geo-engineering of the weather, geomagnetic pole shift- (I’ve heard many reasons stated while ubering newbies around) the city of Denver is now becoming a “Transplant City” with only rich out-of-towners able to afford to live here. It’s becoming so bad shirts are being printed urging people to enjoy our legal weed- then get the fuck out. Traffic is now so bad you can’t get across the town anymore, and rush hour is now a full time thing on some streets.

People who have lived in Colorado all their lives know our secrets; that our state has more beauty in it than just the mile high city on the plains. So now I would like to urge anyone planning on moving to our state to AVOID THE CITY OF DENVER ENTIRELY- and look to other areas to live- as the influx of people is already straining the city. Hate to say it people, but, as of August 2015, the city of Denver is no longer the “Safe city” for the pole shift- I would advise all refugees to look to less expensive, less populated areas of the state to find refuge. And if you go near the Sand Dunes & Mountains, you’ll see a wonderful scene of nature every day of your life.

I realize this has very little to do with pot (and this is a pot newsletter) so I’ll get to it shortly; I just wanted to express how much it meant to see some natural beauty again- what God has created- which dwarfs even the most magnificent man can do. If you haven’t taken the time to go to nature in a while- I urge you to do so- urgently.

Okay, so here we go-

In Cannabis news, the dominoes continue to set themselves up to fall-Ohio is next to vote on legality in November- good luck guys & gals!

Some states are taking steps backwards and forwards at the same time- Like Wyoming legalizing cannabis edibles (momentarily) via a judge throwing out a court case involving edibles because it turned out they weren’t explicitly banned under Wyoming law. The legislature is working feverishly to correct this problem, but possessing Cannabis Edibles is currently not prohibited by Wyo laws. So enjoy for a few days folks!

Other states continue to lead the way in being assholes. Like Kansas for messing with Shona Banda, and Arizona for using tanks to bust legal cannabis grows for extremely sick people. To daily marijuana users in these states- I urge you to flee and join the marijuana refugees in compassionate states. It’s better than the cops busting down your door with a tank: over a plant. One step forward…two steps back.

Folks, I was given a rare opportunity to talk about my experience, and, specifically the week that led to Colorado’s legalizing marijuana- when the Feds were preparing to shut down Colorado’s entire medical marijuana system over non-enforcement by the state- a THC testing lab was raided, and two jackasses were planning a protest at a hospital for children- demanding the opportunity to treat sick and dying children with a new medicine- “Phoenix Tears.” That protest never took place- but Marijuana legality did. I talk about it all, and why the phoenix tears medicine really still isn’t available from legal cannabis shops in Colorado, on an hour and a half long show called “Secrets of Saturn” with Jason Lindgren and guest Russel Blattberg- which you can find linked to here:,

I’d like to thank Jason and Russ for giving me a chance to tell my story- which really hasn’t been told since my book has been continually delayed in getting out to the public at large. When it is released, the entire story will be told- but it was nice to get off my chest some of the things that occurred prior to the international sensation that is Cannabis legality in Colorado. I played a small role in all of this- but if you’d like to know how a jackass like myself got into the Governor’s office to witness him legalizing- give it a listen while trimming some herb. It’s still a story I can’t believe I lived through- and I know I’m blessed to have experienced. Give the interview a listen- and go on that journey with me please!

From Denver, wishing I was in the Sand Dunes,

Kyle Marsh
Capn Cannabis
September 2015