Posted July 2015

1,000 Patents, $6 each, & 4 Grams a day!

Howdy Folks! Let’s get right to it this month- time is short!

I am massively enjoying my new specialty blends of THC/CBD Cannabis oil! I made a C4 pill the other day with 500 MG of CBD and 500 MG of THC- and I had a pain free blast! I strongly recommend to others blending THC and CBD- though I am still partial to the heavy THC blends. I am truly blessed to be in Colorado- the new Amsterdam- where I can enjoy such wonderful medicine! And although a new “Caregiver Crackdown” bill was signed into law here, it really doesn’t affect me at all and, in fact, might restore my right to access the Cannabinoid/Terpenoid testing facilities we have here- which is exciting! Although, I am damn good at figuring out what’s in my oil for my own consumption- for patients- especially children- it’s imperative they get good accurately dosed medicine. The fact that it’s now legal for a parent to give that child the medicine on school grounds (provided the school board approves) and we now have a legal way to eliminate most forms of severe epilepsy and start making a dent on autism here in our state. Right on!!

I’d like to take a moment to point out, though, that I had my right to test for cannabinoid content in my oil revoked by the state (as did everyone else)- and I always wondered why they would do that…considering it really was children and severely ill patients it was affecting the most? I got my answer- in the now 1,000 or more cannabinoid patents registered. It started with the 1st in the 90’s (6630507), then up to 30 by the time my film was released. Then it went over 70, then 100— and I lost track. As of this writing- there are over 1,000 patents on elements of the cannabis plant. If you want to make a CBD gum and release it to market, you will be sued by the patent owner for infringement. Want to mix THC and CBN? It’s patented.  A skin care blend? Almost all variations and combinations patented. Add all the medicines that (combined with cannabis) are suddenly super effective (separate patents for cannabinoids mixed with other already patented pharma meds)- and we have ridiculous proof that cannabis is, has been, and always will be: a MEDICINAL PLANT! (Note: It’s a spiritual plant, too)

Now none of this matters if you are producing the medicine for yourself. But if you need to buy the medicine, you will have to get it from the patent holder. It has become clear that the reason I lost my testing rights was to give big pharma a 2 year head start to patent and identify all the cannabinoids, and their functions, before assholes like me could release anecdotal evidence of combinations working- and get out our own medicines based on what we learned. We know the phoenix tears works- my God we know that. We just don’t know which specific terpenoid/cannabinoid “Entourage Effect” medicine to give each specific disease, and that is what they needed time to research and patent. The fact that a true Alcohol extracted Phoenix Tears type oil is still not available on the commercial market- even in Colorado (CBD doesn’t count)- is at this point, BULLSHIT!!! All I can hope for is a sudden release of all these medicines rapidly- as I continue to help others make their own in the meantime.

On a “Marijuana Mom note: Shona Bonda is now facing serious charges in her home non-compassionate state of Kansas. Rick Simpson released a video in support of Shona Banda (before  formal charges were filed)- and you can watch the video here:

And see an article on her and a link to donate to her legal defense fund here:

Or buy her awesome book “Live Free or Die”which has been re-released on Amazon!

Shona is a true hero- standing up for what’s right- and teaching her kids to do the same. Let’s not let her story be another example of America’s police state. She is facing 30 years and will fight every angle.  It’s time Cannabis is legal everywhere, not just in our compassionate states. Shona has very little options at this point- short of Jury Nullification (which is a longshot unless an educated jury is present.) Please help if you can and Shona: hang in there- you have friends in the nearest big city who won’t let you fall too far. Keep the faith my fellow American Cannabis oil supporter- I am teaching my kids the same as you: the truth. We can’t give that up.

In  Colorado news- the state legislators gave themselves big fat pay raises right as the session was ending. Good for them! They might be giving us our Pot Refund cash after we vote them to give it back to us this November. (GOD I LOVE TABOR!) That’s right folks. Legality of Cannabis was so successful in Colorado this last year that every taxpayer will get money back- just from the pot taxes- and the schools were still funded.  Legalize that, bitches! Though I would support a “Pot for Potholes” bill if we’d spend some of that money fixing our damn roads! Here is the breakdown: if Colorado citizens vote YES, the state gets to keep $58 million in extra marijuana tax revenue- which they will give $40 million to Colorado schools- and $18 million to “other” budget expenses (I’m suspiscious of these “other” expenses). If we vote “NO”: the state will refund each taxpayer aprox. $6.10, and create a tax free holiday from January 1st 2016 to July 1st- where all Colorado ID carrying residents will pay no taxes on recreational pot purchases for those 6 months,  and they will also give $20 million dollars back to Marijuana wholesale grow businesses- who were unfairly “double dipped” on when they paid taxes twice when transfering pot from facility to facility. The state did a last second maneuver to avoid national headlines- if they didn’t refund the $20 million to the growers, each resident of Colorado would get back $50. That would garner national attention from ordinary people, and  politicians in broke areas everywhere would see regulated legalization and taxation works- and begin legalizing cannabis everywhere. I think that’s still going to happen anyways… but Cannabis legality has been incredibly successful in our state- and I’m extra proud to have been a part of it :-)

Lastly, TIME magazine and National Geographic magazine both have articles on the science behind medical marijuana this month. Hey mainstream media- way to catch up after bashing us for all those years! Assholes…

Extra lastly- we are seeing reports of patients taking up to 5 ML of Cannabis Oil daily for 8 months to beat serious cancers- which is more than 4 grams daily (a milliliter is not quite a full gram.) We have a patient currently on above 3 grams of the oil daily doing just fine- despite a stage 4 ovarian cancer diagnosis upwards of 5 years ago. God bless the oil!

And finally- the Colorado Supreme court ruled that a company’s firing of a disabled man for using medical marijuana off the clock was justified. It’s sad that 6 Supreme Court justices can’t see that it’s wrong to fire someone for using Cannabis- especially off the clock- and especially a person in a wheelchair. Six grown adults found that the company was in the right for terminating the employee- despite Colorado’s constitution (amendment 20) stating we have a right to use medical cannabis. Common sense seems so distant when adults make decisions siding with an invisible company policy- over a visible human being in front of them. Sad- but it’s baby steps until the feds legalize…and let’s hope that’s soon.

Positive vibrations your way,

Capn Cannabis
From the bustling, booming city of Denver
July 2015