Posted March 2015

Hello, folks! This is the final newsletter before I visit the Cannabis Cup in Denver and Celebrate the 420 Holiday 2015. I’ll be attending the traditional 420 Rally on Saturday 4-18, the High Times Cannabis Cup on Sunday 4-19, and the old fashioned Political Rally at the Denver City Capital on the actual 4-20 Holiday. Denver is booming, folks; the housing market cannot catch up with the demand. People are moving here by the thousands. The Summer of the Love of Bud is on in Denver, and if you can be in the Mile High City that weekend, I would “highly” recommend it :-)

Rob Corry Jr., the Denver Marijuana Attorney Extraordinaire, has won another court case that the prosecutor wouldn’t even dare take to trial. It centers on the constitutional Amendment 20, which legalizes cannabis use in our state constitution, versus the Colorado state assembly drafted HB 1284, which creates super-constitutional regulatory laws on top of what the voters approved. The state has found, after millions of dollars in unsuccessful trials, that the citizens of Colorado- time and time again- when in a jury of 12- choose to side with the person growing the cannabis and not the state’s bullshit laws that were added later. The legislators and prosecutors continue to demean the citizens of our fine state by insisting we “didn’t know what we were doing” when we passed Amendment 20. But when it comes to jury trials they have lost every single one- and didn’t even take this one to a jury trial. It looks like we did know what we were doing- and by continuing to prosecute citizens on super constitutional laws- you spend tax payer dollars we would rather see go elsewhere. So stop it, please. Congratulations to Rob and his team for another victory in the war against cannabis prohibition that continues on despite what you may read in the papers and despite our “legality.”

The stories about the Cannabis Oil and its benefits, and CBD oil and its benefits, continue to expand through all forms of media. From a letter to the Editor in rolling stone, to radio podcasts now blasting the message, to small anecdotal reports creeping into major media. The patents and big pharma pills on the horizon also indicate a major shift in what information is allowed to seep into the mainstream thought and opinion machine. As of March and April 2015, we are starting to see major government agencies preparing to handle what is now being debated: the Rescheduling of marijuana in the drug code. But is it just hype?

From what I have witnessed, it could still go either way. There is one camp that says rescheduling is imminent- possibly even this month- because of several pending law suits that are tied up in the court system, which the rescheduling would eliminate. These include the lawsuit against Colorado by neighboring states and another suit by several of our own sheriffs who claim they are being forced to violate federal law by ignoring cannabis violations they see now on a daily basis. There is also a case in California where a judge has the power to send the rescheduling issue all the way to the Supreme Court, who could ignore it. It gets pretty complicated, but those who see rescheduling happening in the next few months point to these court issues, and banking and IRS reversals on dealings with canna-businesses- that a change is about to happen.

On the flip side, the big pharmaceutical companies could use their might to overrule ambitious de-regulators and continue to use the scheduling of marijuana as a buffer against competition. By running cannabis based medicine trials in places like Israel, the UK, and Spain, they can determine potency and side effects while American companies are restricted from all but anecdotal research. Rescheduling opens up the field to competition from a lot of cannabis based suppliers- and if there is one thing big industries don’t like, it’s fair competition. The “Perfect Corporation” I call out in my film could still delay for years the rescheduling of cannabis.

So as it stands- I’m hopeful we’ll get a 4/20 gift- and the talk about rescheduling will swell into action. But the wiser, older part of me who has seen this all go down, says it still could be 2 years away and not to get my hopes up. I don’t think writing letters to legislators will help- it’s up to what big business wants. They may want rescheduling because of legal technicalities in the drug law they just can’t get around. Or they may use those same technicalities to keep competition away. It’s part of the canna-drama- as the wall of prohibition crumbles. There’s one thing I do know. That damn wall is being torn down :-)

On a shitty note- Fecal Transplants for people with c. diff who just can’t get rid of it are now becoming more common place. Yes, I mean taking someone else’s shit and having it enema’d into you. Apparently it’s a thousand year old practice (I’ll remind everyone Dr. Zubrynski used human and animal urine in treatments for over a decade before he was finally forced to stop)- but there are side effects that can be very bad- though the cure rate seems so far to be very good. I’m not judging the treatment, or people who are desperate for a cure when modern medical science can’t cure them (or in this case, most likely, gave them the c. diff)- but the FDA now approved a “Poop Pill” that is made from tested donor feces, which is then frozen and encapsulated. Don’t worry- you don’t swallow the pill- (unless you want to?) it’s dissolved into a liquid then gravity drained into your rectum.

I’m only bringing this up to point out the BULLSHIT that is the fact that the FDA would never approve cannabis in a pill form- but they’ll approve a literal shit pill. I’m laughing and crying at the same time- I just can’t explain how this works anymore without launching into a rant about hypocrisy in our laws regarding “medicine.” And don’t get me started on the infringement upon religious substances currently banned- in favor of intoxicants that produce no spiritual experience whatsoever. But that’s a rant for another day, and another newsletter, and a separate meeting down by the docks…in the meantime-

I’m wishing you the most positive energy filled 4-20 holiday experience possible. Take a toke to your freedom. And if Cannabis freedom isn’t the reality tunnel you are looking through- be an evolution agent- and create your own reality tunnel- by moving to a compassionate state- or enacting change where you live. Change happened in Colorado- and it’s glorious. The green god shines down upon us all- as we grow the cannabis plant— everywhere. HAPPY 4-20!!

Live wise and humbly my friends,
Capn Cannabis
March 31st 2015

P.S. This year I will be taking two tokes 4-20 weekend in Denver to commemorate the lives of two great heroes, who are no longer with us. They would have loved to see the brilliance Cannabis legality really is in Colorado. So one toke to the late great Ken Gorman “Governor Pothead”, and another long toke to the immeasurable legend Jack Herer. I’m also celebrating 4-20 for two other Cannabis heroes who are still with us: Rick Simpson and Christian Laurette. Guys- I may be one of a handful of people who know that information you spread freely, at the perfect time, tipped the scales in favor of regulated legality of cannabis in Colorado instead of a clampdown that would have nipped it in the bud. For that, I’ll take tokes for you this 4-20, too. 😉

Viva la evolucion! – Kyle Marsh