Posted November 2014

8% & Tumor Help!

8% of the country now has legal weed!

Congratulations to the compassionate states of Oregon and Alaska for recognizing your citizens’ rights to this incredible plant! Cannabis should be legal everywhere immediately, but I’ll take these victories in the meantime. When my son was born pot was legal in 0% of the country; now at 3 years old we have 8%. It’s been an amazing journey and it’s not over yet!!

So would I want to become a rat murderer in order to further the cancer curing revolution we have ongoing right now?? The answer is a big “NO”, but believe me folks I would give tumors to rats right now in order to give them cannabis oil and see if we can eliminate the tumors. But we legally can’t do that so I’m asking my loyal readers for some help…

I currently have 3 patients with tumors right now. Patient J had stage 4 ovarian cancer, and now after nearly 5 years and over 120 grams of phoenix tears, her cancer has shrunk to barely a diagnosable stage 1, though the tumor is still inside her, and very hard. The doctors keep saying it looks like it’s growing and want to do more chemo, but over time we have seen the doctors are incorrect. Though the tumor remains stable in size, it isn’t growing very much (if at all) and ALL OF PATIENT J’s other numbers for normalcy in the body have returned to pre-cancer conditions! She can still feel the lump, but it is not painful, and it does not appear to be causing her any issues other than the doc’s continual insistence that they perform more chemo on it. She literally went from planning her funeral a few years ago, to planning her retirement this year…but we would like to see the tumor totally eliminated!

The second patient is a 55 pound dog with a giant tumor in her throat area that may or may not be cancerous. The Vet’s $3,000 surgery might clip an artery, so the dog’s owner was given a choice to try the surgery and if it didn’t go well, put the dog down or potentially have a year or two with a surgically affected animal who would not have been her usual K-9 self. The owner chose instead the unpresented option to try 15 grams of the high THC Phoenix Tears cannabis oil instead, and after 6 months we have seen the animal return to her puppy ways, including playing games she played as a puppy, and acting so happy and normal we felt sure the tumor was being eliminated. But it is not shrinking, instead it has just become hard and rock like. The dog is in no pain in the area, and is functioning quite normally. We have discussed our options, and other than rubbing on an alcohol based phoenix tears type tincture on the tumor area itself, we have only one other option: waiting for the dog’s quality of life to deteriorate to the point that we will risk directly injecting the cannabis oil into the tumor itself to see if that “breaks it up.”   One of many problems with this approach is that the dog’s quality of life is not deteriorating on the oil, so it may be a while before we make the injection attempt, and we would rather eliminate the tumor using another cannabinoid like CBD or CBG first and will do all else before considering direct injection.

The third patient is just in the beginning stages of a tumor treatment, and again the levels in the body are beginning to normalize and the patient seems to be doing well, but the tumor itself has not shrunk yet and it appears to be getting harder. Again, I will say that as long as these patients have been on the high potency THC cannabis oil, they will not die from the tumors, but the Vitamin Cannabis team and myself have made the realization, over 5 years of doing this, that we are 5% away from being able to totally cure cancer and the tumors associated with it. Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears Cannabis Oil medicine IS the Panacea he said it was, but we have learned the preparation and different cannabinoids in the oil does matter when we are dealing with difficult diseases.

So how can you help? I am asking for anyone with knowledge of tumor break ups to please contact me with what they have done; fail or succeed. I am also asking for advice on the injection of the cannabis oil into the tumor site in Patient K-9. Thirdly, there are articles and information online from the major pharmaceutical companies that another cannabinoid “CBG” or Cannabigirol, can serve as a tumor fighter. Is there anyone out there in the anecdotal world that has given a patient a heavy CBG or heavy CBD oil and seen a tumor break up?

Folks please remember Patient X’s story from the film. Eventually the tumor was shrunk to the point it could be cyber knifed out of the patient. If we can all come together and share our information, we can help each other and avoid waiting for the big pharm companies to patent, synthesize, and then release the meds on their own, which will take decades. Most of us don’t have decades to wait…

We ask for any information anyone may have regarding on site olive oil treatments of tumors, alcohol based or cream based treatments, CBD blends for tumors, and, if needed, direct injection advice. We will share the results with everyone!  When we figure out how to eliminate these hard tumors without surgery, we will all benefit from the knowledge. I can also not stress enough that these tumors do not kill the patient in the meantime as long as they continue on the cannabis oil. Any help anyone can provide we are thankful for and we are thankful just in general this year – for our lives, our friends and family, and the many canna-people we encounter everyday in our compassionate state of Colorado.

We hope you share the same thanks this holiday season,

Kyle Marsh
Capn Cannabis

P.S. Folks outside of America, I watched the amazing and honest documentary on Netflix “GMO OMG” and witnessed the rats develop giant tumors after eating the GMO products which are not allowed in most places outside the U.S. grip. In having discussed this with my American counterparts we have realized we are part of a giant horrific experiment in GMO’s and there is very little we can do to not consume GMO’s in this country without starving. Is it any coincidence that I am treating numerous tumors in people during this “experiment?” The perfect corporation is doing its best to make sure it survives and we don’t. We can’t let that happen folks…please watch the film and let me know what you think.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2014 from Capn Cannabis and the Vitamin Cannabis Team!