Posted January 2013

Happy New Year everyone!

May 2013 be the best year yet- and find you and your loved ones healthy, happy, and moving forward! I know 2012 was a trying year- but in Colorado, at least, 2013 promises to be the best one ever for Cannabis advocates and users. I’m going to start with the most entertaining news- which comes from our state’s attempt to implement constitutional amendment 64-which will “legalize” recreational use of Cannabis in our state. The “High” lights:

  1. For a moment, the State of Colorado considered running the recreational marijuana stores themselves, as a government entity! It happened the same week it was announced Colorado’s medical marijuana industry generated $200 million dollars in revenue, and $5.3 million in taxes went to the state. That’s not including the benefit of the Billion dollars that was spent making that $200 million, which includes stuff like buying nutrients from a grow store and paying sales tax on that purchase. Colorado is preparing to have a multi-billion dollar industry with both Hemp and Cannabis “legalized” in our state. The motion to have the state government run the pot shops was dismissed because it would put state employees at risk for federal prosecution. Good thing too, because if the Department of Motor Vehicles is an indication of how the state would run the pot shops, we are all better off in the hands of the ganjapreneurs.
  2. A regulatory committee member attempted to make it “child abuse” to simply smoke a joint in front of your kids, like, say you would drink a beer at a barbecue. Luckily he was overruled and it will be up to an officer’s discretion to decide if you were endangering your kid by smoking pot in front of them. I’d like to add, it’s not illegal to smoke a cigarette in your car with your kids buckled into car seats and the windows rolled up. It’s frowned upon, but not illegal. But eat a pot brownie in front of your kid and the wrong officer could wind up arresting you. Still, I think most officers will not be taking kids from families for simple pot smoke. We still have a meth and prescription pill problem in this state, and most cops know if a parent is using weed it’s not as big of a problem as if the parent was doing some other drug, and that includes alcohol.
  3. The state is talking about “Vampire Mobiles” to take blood from patients suspected of THC DUI. See, the Supreme Court recently ruled that only “medical professionals” can draw blood, which nixes the states plan to have cops stick you with a needle if they think you smoked a doobie then drove. Now the cop will have to call in a “Vamp Mobile”, which is basically an ambulance with a paramedic/cop/”medical professional” inside that can legally draw your blood. These Vampires will be on call 24/7 in case an officer needs to draw blood. Sounds expensive, and ridiculous. Therefore, though it may not end up being the final solution, I am in favor of leaving it up to a roadside sobriety test that is filmed by the police cruisers dash cam. In court, in front of a jury of your pot smoking peers, you can use the evidence on the video to show you were not impaired if the cop DUI’s you anyway even if you pass the tests. If they set a nanograms of THC per ml of blood limit and allow these vampire mobiles, people, who are perfectly good to drive and can pass roadside sobriety tests, will be arrested. I like things the way they are where it’s really is up to your good judgement just like it with alcohol.
  4. Two members of the regulatory panels have come with Paris Hilton style small dogs in purses. I didn’t realize marijuana was being regulated to death by Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games, but that’s what is happening. Some of the people on the panels also make Toxic Butane Hash Oil, and are in charge of setting the regulations for themselves. Wolves guarding the sheep; and the patients are the sheep. To all Colorado medical marijuana patients, beware of Butane and CO2 Oil – it could be toxic – make sure no black smoke is present and it doesn’t crackle and flame up. You don’t want to smoke it if it does.

Credit and thanks for a lot of this information go to Jessica Leroux of Twirling Hippy Confections (a Colorado Medibles company) and her weekly newsletter. I highly recommend her weekly letter for people wanting a great first person account of what is happening in Colorado’s medical, and now soon to be recreational, marijuana communities. Also her products are fantastic and the only cannabis edibles I choose. Check her out at and shoot her an e-mail to get on her mailing list.

Special thanks also to “Farmer John” in California for his “Blotter Method” for skin care applications of the oil. Simply leave in a little more everclear (or add it back into) in your cannabis oil, and dropper it into a paper towel on a plate. The oil and everclear will absorb briefly onto the paper towel, and you can apply it to your skin like a baby wipe. This allows for a better application of the oil/everclear mix to go after skin afflictions. Hope this info helps and thanks John!

It’s been wonderful meeting everyone through this project and I am thankful for all of you who have contributed thoughts, ideas, or input. Please keep it coming! This month I am hard at work on a special project involving the “Vitamin Cannabis” pills, and if I succeed I will finally be able to tell you where to go to get medicine made by me, legally in a safe environment, and with all taxes paid. That will be a proud moment I hope it happens this year. I’ll keep you posted. :-)

Thanks so much for reading this and check out our video “How to Make the Cure Vitamin Cannabis Encore” available now on YouTube if you haven’t already.

Viva la evolucion!
– Capn Cannabis