Posted December 2012

GREAT News For December

I have great news everyone on multiple fronts- the first- COLORADO HAS LEGALIZED ONE OUNCE AND GROWING SIX PLANTS as of TODAY!!! Our Amendment 64 has been signed into law by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s hand. I shook that same hand many years ago with Ken Gorman while talking about Hick’s Hemp Beer, when he was still mayor elect. To think that he is the one that signed it into law makes me realize how activism can sometimes come full circle. In Colorado, I’ve been working for years to change people’s minds about Cannabis. Finally, it has paid off!!!

Congratulations to Washington State, as well, whose citizens celebrated their freedom by toking up under the Seattle space needle. How cool is that? Awesome times in our two states- and other states are soon to follow- as already Oregon has said to her citizens that it is cool to go to Washington to buy medical weed, as long as you aren’t driving home stoned. The tax dollars will stay in Washington even though the weed goes to Oregon- how long before the states realize the lost revenue source and legalize it everywhere- five years? I hope less- but for now- it’s a great time to be a Colorado citizen- and I hit the 4:20 pm mark today with a new sense of pride. I have smoked a bowl every 4:20 mark possible for 18 years now- to celebrate the fact I had weed during prohibition-and not to take my toke for granted. I also smoke at that time to remember those that have fought for the right to grow, and those locked up for the plant. I will still smoke the 4:20 bowl- but now it is to remember those in other states, who aren’t as free as I am. I will still do all I can to help change minds everywhere. :-)

IN OTHER MAJOR NEWS- It’s rare to see the word “Cannabinoid” anywhere on popular news websites, but that’s just what happened as an Oncologist treating an 8 month old little boy battling brain cancer CAME OUT IN SUPPORT OF THE CANNABIS OIL after watching it work, through the blood/brain barrier, to reduce the child’s tumor dramatically. The oncologist goes on to say, at the risk of his own job and medical license, that Cannabis Oil SHOULD BE THE FIRST LINE OF ATTACK for children with cancer, as the chemo and radiation have long term effects that can be devastating. The parents put the Cannabis Oil on a pacifier and had the infant suck on it- getting it directly into the blood stream through the mucosa glands in the mouth. A fantastic story you can find here: Cannabis For Infant’s Brain Tumor, Doctor Calls Child “A Miracle Baby“.

It’s only a matter of time before more HONEST AND DECENT DOCTORS come out in support of the Cannabis oil. If you have a doctor that isn’t supportive- do what you feel is best- but know that it make take you curing yourself before a doc will believe you- and that’s okay. You will be rich at heart from this- and your life will be extended. :-)

A couple other comical notes- I found out that Popeye- (yes the sailor man) – had magical spinach- that is probably code for marijuana. It seems when the comic was started in the 1940’s, “Spinach” was a term used for marijuana. In early editions of the comic strip- Popeye can be seen smoking his green spinach in a pipe, and even in a hookah on one strip. Turns out it’s been weed giving Popeye his powers all this time. Crazy the amount of cannabis references in everyday life most even hardcore stoners aren’t aware of.

Another story from the lunatics at CU Boulder who sprayed fish fertilizer on their grass in order to stop the annual 420 celebration; this time a couple students gave their history class pot laced brownies- and a few had to be hospitalized because they were too high and had no idea what was making them feel funny. No one was hurt- but the students are facing felony charges for their prank. I graduated high school over a decade ago and this prank was done all the time back then too, so to me it’s no different than someone spiking a punch bowl with alcohol at a party. It’s still wrong to trick someone into ingesting anything they may not want to, but the Denver Post headlining this story as if it is a huge problem is ridiculous. Charge the students for their prank, be glad it wasn’t alcohol, and be done with it. Pot’s not the problem. :-)

On a final note- I have learned the same lobbying group that forced all small cannabusiness out of business through ridiculous overburdening regulation- is also representing the outright evil Fracking industry, whose goals include poisoning our water supply for generations to come. Remember folks, medical pot is legal to sell in Colorado- for millionaires who were millionaires before they got into the pot business. Small time selling is outright banned, and an unconstitutional “caregiver registry” has just gone into effect that is designed to force more small caregivers out of business. Though we can all grow six plants and carry an ounce of pot now even without being on the Schindler’s list that is Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Registry, there are still many hurdles to climb before the people will be able to help themselves- and not just give the perfect corporation more money. But it’s getting better every day- and today was historical, and epic, and I’m proud to be in the Mile High City- and a state where our official Colorado song mentions getting high around a campfire. Rock On Mile High State- the world is sure to follow….

Please e-mail me with any questions and be sure to check out our video “How to Make the Cure” on youtube now. Another video “How to test the cure” will be coming after Christmas. Subscribe if you can we are so close to 1,000 subscribers. Much love and positive energy everyone’s way. Viva la evolucion!

Kyle Marsh “Capn Cannabis” Written Monday December 10th, 2012- the day Colorado legalized. :-)