Posted July 2012

July News – Breach Party

Hello, everyone. This months’s news letter comes with sad news: Cash Hyde in Montana, a 2 year old who put his brain cancer into remission with Cannabis Oil, is out of oil due to the closure of medical marijuana dispensaries in his state. He is asking for donations, but moving may be a better option. It is so sad that medical marijuana law and the bickering over symantics makes it so children like Cash cannot get the medicine they need to grow up strong. So sadshame on the Montana legislature for shutting down the dispensarieslook at who you are affecting.

On a more positive note, we have received good information Tommy Chong is winning his battle against cancer using the cannabis oil. Keep him in your thoughts as he fights the good fight, and a movie featuring him using the oil is rumored to be filming right now. In Colorado Springs, Bob Crouse, a Phoenix Tears user and grower, was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Congratulations to him! It seems the only way to really win these trials is with a jury of your peers, who just won’t find you guilty as long as you were following constitutional amendment 20, rather than the state legislatures added on House Bill 1284. The people know truthandso farthey are not convicting their neighbors based on crap laws passed by the state politicians, they are going by what the people said about medical marijuana way back in 2000. Right on!

More interesting stuff with the patent, it seems the Cannabis as Neuroprotectants patent is being utilized by a pharmaceutical corporation who hopes to have a product released based on the patent within the next couple years. Of course, their competition would be people growing it themselves cheaply, so they have to make sure that can’t happen, but it is interesting to see how the Perfect Corporation works- to screw us over of course.

In actual oil testing news- we are now no longer allowing the use of Sleep Aids of any kind while patients are using large amounts of the oil. In fact, any other medication that can slow the heart rate or put you to sleep should probably not be used in conjunction with the oil, especially “reset” attempts.

On a final noteMedical Marijuana patients on the registry, almost 100,000 now in the state, can no longer be on the conceal to carry a weapon list. Additionally, patients who have cars registered in their name will find their registry status as a pot user will pop up on Police computers when they are pulled over in their car. This is all fully unconstitutional according to amendment 20, and fully allowed under new laws passed by misguided politicians. Never the less, this breach of what was supposed to be a confidential medical marijuana patient registry, is complete, and you need to be aware of it, and have a “Breach Party” to commiserate another one of our rights gone by the wayside.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the shooting at the Aurora movie theatre that happened during this month just a few miles from where I live. Many victims were taken to the University of Colorado hospital, where both of my children were born in the last year. Anyone can go crazy anywhere, but everyone here is at a loss for words to explain why this happened, and why it happened again here in this state. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. I don’t think we will ever fully understand why he did what he did, and hurt so many. We can only try to heal the pain. I just wish this guy had smoked a bunch of pot in his life, because I know, from personal experience, that even angry individuals become chilled out when they smoke pot. It may not have mattered either way.

There is more to come in next months newsletter as we continue to try to get the message of the cancer cure out there to all who will listen. We are also preparing a new video of our method that will be released soon to help alleviate some of the e-mails we get with questions as to how to make it.

We wish you all a happy and safe beginning to the new month―positive thoughts and energy your way!

Kyle Marsh (Capn Cannabis)